Day 10 of cycling back to school (2.11)

Finally back!!!! Today, I pricked the tire twice, pushed it for a long time, found a specialty store and replaced it with a new one.

An hour later, I pricked it again.

Fuck me.

Finally push back to school.

It rained all day today.

It’s too cold! no way out.


I haven’t had dinner yet.

I’ll have dinner first.

It’s raining today.

I’ve ridden the most.

Thanks to SYR! thank! Now I’m here.

After listening to the Mohe dance hall all the way, I can sing the last few sentences now.

If one day, my faith suddenly collapses, then it collapses.

Anyway, I’ll ride it! I don’t care whether it will run to me or not.

The rest will be made up tomorrow.

Dry rice, dry rice.

I’m famished..