[cycling] July 11, 2022 — focusing photography of Changping shahei Bridge

[cycling] on July 11, 2022, I don’t know when to start the focusing photography of Changping Shahe Hebei bridge.

There is an important thing in my life with me.

She supports my beliefs and dreams, and a group of steel locomotive men with the same hobbies, yes.

We all love motorcycles, because it symbolizes independence, freedom, courage and perseverance.

Brothers, I’m ready.

-—— The special bear dividing line for strong men — first, the photos are in no order, and the models are not classified.

2、 Shooting purpose 1 In addition to leisure and entertainment, I took beautiful photos of my motorcycle friends who came across here when riding.


Hope to meet like-minded friends and play together.


Play first, supplemented by shooting.

3、 If you have other shooting ideas or ideas, you can communicate separately.

My wechat: 407537101 (you can scan my QR code at the end of the article) PS.

cycling photography group, partners who want to join can consult me and invite you to join.

Note: 1 This official account is a non-profit personal account, and all the work in the later stage of shooting is completed by myself.

Please wait patiently, don’t rush, don’t rush, don’t rush.

For the original image, please contact personal wechat.


If there is no you in the photo, the photographer may be in a daze.


Try to shoot everyone at the weekend in the future.

Statement: 1 All photos in the article are taken by myself, if necessary.