[cycling in Hainan] let’s go, wind breaking boy!

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Why do you choose riding? To paraphrase a classic sentence, driving too fast, afraid to miss the beauty, walking too slowly, afraid to live up to time, cycling is just right.

What is 4+2 cycling? 4: It represents a 4-wheel bus 2: it represents a 2-wheel bike.

You ride a bike in front of you, followed by a bus behind you to ensure your safety and supplies at any time.

You can get on at any time when you don’t want to ride or can’t ride.

This is a journey with the theme of riding, but it’s not the kind of bitter and tired riding you think.

You can’t ride when you move, You can throw your bike on the security car, take the bus and follow the team.

The ride section is up to 30km every day.

The nanny car follows the whole journey.

Half of the ride and half of the play.

About this road, we feel that riding is far from enough.

We go deep into Hainan and dig out an alternative Hainan, because travel is not just about experiencing, but more about understanding the local culture like local people, Customs dig deep into Hainan’s local cuisine 1: the scenic cycling road Wenchang 10000 mu coconut forest cycling Wanning coastline cycling Xinglong rainforest greenway cycling 2: Hainan cuisine on the tip of the tongue Wenchang Chicken in Wenchang City, Coconut Chicken Boao town dad tea shop experience Boao town qiaoniang local dessert shop experience refreshing and tonic taste Wanning hele town hele Zong tropical fruits can be seen everywhere by the roadside Hainan local characteristics catering seafood edge stove 3: unrepeatable minority experience Shanqin Bay volcanic rock coastline Wanning Shimei Bay Road view Haitai Wanning golden coconut garden picking golden coconuts the most beautiful bay Shimei Bay Dan people fishing in the sea, Laohaixing twelve way Fengwei coffee manor makes coffee West Island Millennium fishing village 4: exquisite products after ingenuity polishing 1: don’t go back all the way 2: follow the whole journey guarantee car 3:24-hour shuttle 4: professional ride leader 5: full sense of ceremony 5: Previous favorable comments, travel seconds, understand the itinerary specific introduction gathering place: Haikou Haikou is the capital of Hainan Province, is a coastal city, and the transportation modes to Haikou are relatively diverse, including buses, trains, The plane is OK, the transportation is relatively cheap, and the famous snacks all over Hainan are in Haikou.

The arrival time is relatively early.

You can go to the Centennial arcade old street in Haikou.

Here is the epitome of Hainan’s culture of nearly 100 years.

There are many famous snacks in it, such as Yaoji spicy soup and rice, Abiao garlic fried ribs, Hainan gebiao (gebiao means coffee in Hainan dialect) or go to Wanlv garden to see the sunset, Go to Hainan Provincial Museum.

Place of dissolution: Sanya, however, everyone’s destination in Hainan is Sanya.

Finally, Sanya is dissolved.

Many people are still willing to stay for a few more days for vacation, or want to punch in some popular online attractions in Sanya, such as the ends of the earth, Nanshan Temple, Wuzhizhou, duty-free shops, Atlantis, etc.

there are direct buses at the gate of the hotel where we live in Sanya.

There are 600000 coconut trees riding in Wenchang’s 10000 mu coconut forest.

The coconut trees are in pieces, and the coconut posture is various.

Walking along the winding coconut forest path, you can feel the cool wind blowing, the Lin Tao is rustling, and it is cool and comfortable everywhere.

You can sit leisurely under the eaves and enjoy the sea with tea.

You can see the blue ocean and the Xia in the morning, the fog disappears and stands out, the gulls fly southward, the fishing boats go out of the sea, watch the blue waves shining gold in the evening, the colorful clouds in the sky, the gulls flying together, the fishing and rowing waves in the evening, the huge walls covered with silver at night, the fishing fires gathering and dispersing, and the stars in the blue sky, Beidou creeps, and when it rains, we see thousands of hectares of misty swells, horizontal waves are quiet, rain hits coconut leaves, and broken dishes.

We ride through them like a paradise, and we can also pick coconuts and eat them ourselves.

Wanning island tour road coastline cycling Hainan Island tour road is located on the coast of Huanan island.

The main line has a total planned mileage of about 1000 kilometers.

It is the only 360 degree coastal road.

The government has specially planned cycling roads and carriageways, but the sea can not be seen all the way.

We ride one of the most beautiful coastal roads, bathing in the sea breeze, riding and singing.

Xinglong national rainforest greenway cycling Xinglong national rainforest greenway, with a total length of 138 kilometers, is built for the professional Hainan Island roundabout cycling race.

We only select 2.30 kilometers, which is the most representative of the tropical rainforest, to ride in the tropical rainforest.

Xinglong coffee — coffee praised by President Zhou.

In the mid spring of 1960, when Premier Zhou Enlai and his wife Deng Yingchao came to Xinglong overseas Chinese farm to inspect, Once praised the “still prosperous coffee fragrance”, leaving a good memory.

In modern China, there were three population migrations, i.e.

going to Guandong, going west, and going to Nanyang.

Many ancestors in Hainan went to Nanyang to search for gold in Southeast Asia.

When they returned home, they risked their lives to bring back coffee seeds and rubber seedlings.

Finally, they took root and sprouted in Xinglong.

The annual average temperature in Xinglong was between 20 ℃ –28 ℃.

It had a tropical monsoon climate all the year round.

It was sunny and rainy.

It had a unique soil and climate.

Longyuan coffee manor was close to mountains and rivers, Surrounded by emerald green, Xinglong organic coffee fully meets the superior natural environmental conditions for coffee growth.

100% of Xinglong organic coffee selects the highest quality raw beans from Xinglong in the country of origin, and adopts the original physical processing method.

The original flavor is roasted, which well retains the unique mellow flavor of coffee.

For the essence of Xinglong coffee, take a sip, the strong coffee flavor fills the mouth, swallow slowly, and the soft taste has endless aftertaste, Nicholas Tse’s twelve sharp tastes have been drawn here.

Wenchang Chicken, the first of the four famous dishes, is cultivated intensively.

Although there are not so many banyan seeds to feed, it is also very particular..