Can you stop riding after reading this?

The benefits of cycling are almost as endless as the way you explore your journey.

If you are considering taking part in cycling and comparing it with other sports, cycling will be a better choice.

01 riding can improve mental health.

A study by YMCA shows that the health status of physically active people is 32% higher than that of inactive people.

Cycling combines physical exercise with outdoor activities to broaden your horizons.

You can ride alone, so that you have enough time to deal with your troubles or worries; You can also join the team to ride and enrich your social circle.

Graemeobree, the one hour record holder in the front room, suffered from depression for most of his life.

He told us: “going out on a bike can help” people with depression ” If I didn’t ride a bike, I wouldn’t know where to go.

02 riding can effectively lose weight.

If you want to lose weight effectively, the calories you consume must be greater than the calories you consume.

Chinese Confucius said that “sex is similar, but habits are far away”, and divided human nature into nature and acquired; Zhang Zai’s dualism of nature in the Northern Song Dynasty divides human nature into temperament and destiny.

Dialectical materialism believes that there is no transcendental human nature and transcendental good and evil.

Any real human nature is the result of human subjective and objective interaction on the basis of genetic factors in the social environment, in which human social practice has decisive significance for the construction of human nature.

In the field of modern western psychology, there are three typical representatives: ① Freud psychoanalysis emphasizes the interpretation of human beings’ whole and behavior with human instinct, which is an instinctive determinism or genetic determinism; ② Behaviorism goes to the other extreme, otherwise it is innate instinct.

It advocates that all human behaviors and natures are acquired.

It is the connection and systematization of stimulus response, and it is an anti instinct theory or environmental determinism; ③ Humanistic psychology opposes both instinctive determinism and acquisition theory, and advocates that human nature is instinctive, that is, human desires or basic needs are innate to a certain extent, but the behaviors or abilities, cognition or feelings related to them are not necessarily innate, but may be acquired or expressed after learning or guidance.

Maslow believes that human nature is the sum of all human attributes, and instinctive needs are the concentrated expression of human nature.

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Good night@ Cycling burns more calories: about 400 to 1000 calories per hour, of course, depending on the intensity of the ride and the weight of the rider.

Of course, the quality of sleep and how much time you spend riding are also factors that affect it.

03 riding can exercise muscles.

Riding not only burns fat, but also strengthens muscles.

Especially gluteus maximus, popliteal tendons, quadriceps femoris and around the calf.

People with thinner muscles than fat and a higher proportion of muscles burn more calories even if they are sedentary.

Enjoy the second breakfast if you decide to go to work by bike, then you have a good excuse to add some innocent snacks to your day.

Because the half-hour drive to work should burn 200 to 500 calories, you have reason to enjoy a complacent second breakfast on your desk.

05 reducing the risk of heart disease and cancer cycling is one of the sports recommended by the NHS (British national medical service system), which can reduce the risk of major diseases such as heart disease and cancer.

A study conducted by the University of Glasgow showed new evidence: researchers studied more than 260000 people over a five-year period and found that the risk of heart disease or cancer could be halved by cycling to work.


jasongill of the Institute of cardiovascular and Medical Sciences commented that cycling on the whole or part of the journey to work is associated with a significantly reduced risk of adverse health outcomes.

06 the negative impact of cycling is very small.

When scientists compared long-distance runners and cyclists, they found that the muscle injury experienced by runners increased by 133-144%, and the inflammation and DOMS (delayed muscle soreness) were 87% higher.

Although riding is unlikely to cause overuse injury, it may still occur suddenly.

Therefore, a professional moderate riding will be a better way.

07 riding can save time.

Compare the following three ways: (1) get on the bus, drive, queue up to enter the parking lot, pay for parking, and arrive.

(2) Walk to the public station, wait for the bus, complain that the bus is late, take the bus (pay), and watch it take you to the nearby destination, the station, about 800 meters away from the destination.

(3) Get on your bike, get through the congestion, lock your bike, and get to your destination.

Short distance travel has a great impact on the global pollution level.

Riding a bike will save you money on gasoline or public transportation, and of course, you can also save time.

08 riding improves navigation skills in the world of car coordinate navigation and Google maps, sometimes you don’t need to improve your sense of direction.

Cycling can provide you with the necessary practice inside yourself, so that you can better distinguish which way leads to the destination.

09 riding can improve sleep.

Researchers at the University of Georgia have studied men and women aged 20 to 85 for 35 years and found that a 2% decline in men’s health and a 4% decline in women’s health can lead to sleep problems.


rodneydishman, one of the main authors, commented: “the most serious decline in cardiopulmonary potential energy is between 40 and 60 years old.

This is also the point where sleep time and problems occur frequently.

Scientists believe that exercise can reduce anxiety and improve sleep quality..