Because of these, I insist on riding!

Ride and feel the comfort of the breeze facing you.

The amount of exercise of cycling for 3 kilometers is the same as jogging for 1 kilometer.

However, jogging reduces the pleasure of riding, and sports injuries are easy to occur at joints such as knees and ankles.

Cycling is more cool than jogging! After training, the physical strength and endurance increase quietly.

They ride 10km every day.

Compared with those who lift weights for an hour every day, their physical strength and endurance must be better than those who ride bicycles.

The leg muscles are very developed, and there is no leg pain and low back pain when climbing several floors when you are old.

Driving at a speed of 15-20 km / h can not only improve the leg muscle development, but also eliminate the excess subcutaneous fat, and will not cause the calf to be too thick due to excessive exercise.

This is a significant advantage for female knights.

My heart and lungs are healthy, which can improve heart and lung function, exercise lower limb muscle strength and enhance systemic endurance.

The endurance exercise effect of cycling on internal organs is the same as that of swimming and running.

This exercise can not only benefit 3 pairs of joints and 26 pairs of muscles of hip, knee and ankle of lower limbs, but also the muscles of neck, back, arm, abdomen, waist, groin and hip.

Joints and ligaments have also been trained accordingly.

For muscle training, cycling is faster.

If you want to exercise, you should make your heart beat at a driving speed of 170bpm (about 28km / h or more) or climb a long slope to achieve the effect of muscle training.

However, night riders should pay attention to the poor visibility at night.

They must choose to ride on the road with street lights and excellent lighting.

When you are in a bad mood, you can always relieve your worries and boredom, ride a bike, get in touch with outdoor life and enjoy the fresh and natural baptism.

Morphine that can relieve depression will be secreted in the brain, which will make people feel happy, relieve mental depression, eliminate depression in the body, and have a healthier quality of life…