3.12 Saturday [theme: Thousand Island Lake ride] take a Thousand Island Lake ride to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Thousand Island Lake and

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Join the big family of Hangzhou Sunday club so that you will no longer be lonely in this city.

The sunshine is just right.

Take a relaxing trip and have a ride.

This activity introduces that Qiandao Lake is located in Chun’an County, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, 129 kilometers away from Hangzhou.

It is a famous tourist scenic spot.

The mountains are continuous, the forests are lush, and the green viewing rate is 100%.

The 573 square kilometers of lake water in the lake area is crystal clear.

It is a national first-class water body and is praised as “the most beautiful water in the world”.

You can ride around the lake freely and enjoy the scenery of thousands of islands.

Cycling around the lake Qiandao Lake cycling route is a professional plastic cycling road.

The mountain roads are rolling and have a broad vision.

Little partners change into equipment to feel the speed and passion of professional selection.

Most cycling routes around Qiandao Lake are built around the island, with mountains, lakes and forests along the way Qiandao Lake is the largest artificial lake in China with unique water scenery.

It has 1078 islands.

Qiandao Lake is famous for its green mountains, beautiful water, strange caves, strange stones and beautiful people.

It is known as the “natural oxygen bar”.

Try the delicious fish head.

Of course, the delicious fish head, especially the soup boiled by the fish head, is smooth and delicious You’ll be full of praise when you finish your meal.

Schedule: 8:20 a.m.

on Saturday, March 12.

Assembly place: get on the bus at exit a of datiguan station of Metro Line 1.

Schedule: the bus starts at 8:30 – ice breaking games on the bus arrive at Qiandao Lake at about 11:30.

Take a break and have a fish head feast at 11:30 (voluntary choice, fee AA) Get the mountain bike (with helmet) at about 12:30 and get ready to ride.

At 16:30, after the ride, gather back to Hangzhou and arrive at the iron making pass at about 19:00.

The number of small partners to go home by themselves is required: 30 people travel.

This activity trip is a reference time.

The team leader has the right and obligation according to the weather conditions, driving road conditions Optimize the personal physical strength and the speed of collecting people when climbing the mountain and adjust the schedule of activities.

Activity requirements: single and couples can participate.

It is forbidden to participate in activities with heart disease, hypertension and other diseases that are not suitable for vigorous exercise.

The cost of activities is 158 yuan / person.

1 10 points will be given for this activity, which can be used for the registration deduction of follow-up activities (1 point = 1 yuan) 2 Forward this activity to the circle of friends before the start of the activity, and keep it until the end of the activity.

You can contact the customer service to return 10 yuan, including: 1 The transfer fee of the whole regular tourist bus is 2 Driver subsidy and team leader subsidy 3 Professional bicycle rental fee 4 Expenses of standby trauma drugs and public supplies 5 Activity organization cost excluding: 1 Personal meals (lunch with friends (AA) or bring your own dry food and water) 2 Personal consumption and other expenses incurred during the trip 3 One copy of outdoor travel accident insurance (free gift) registration and consultation method # scan the QR code on the left and sign up online (after payment, wait a few seconds to jump out of the wechat QR code of the activity group,.