But when he worked at the grass-roots level, he still rode a bike most often.

At that time, the traffic was all by walking.

The village doesn’t even have a bicycle.

More than 10 miles to wen’anyi commune, there is a sheep intestines mountain road.

It takes about an hour to walk.

Therefore, when Beijing gave Yanchuan a 130 tool car and a three wheeled motorcycle, we can imagine how happy we were.

He was unhappy.

He said, “what’s the use of this motorcycle for us? I can’t pull many things and go to the ground to do farm work.

Do I drive it every day?” He immediately entrusted Liang Yuming, the old party secretary of liangjiahe, to Yan’an agricultural machinery company to replace the three wheeled motorcycle that could have become his “ride” with agricultural machines and tools such as walking tractors.

It can be said that this bike has accompanied his growth step by step in his political career.

He often said to everyone: “riding a bicycle has three advantages: one is to exercise, the other is to get close to the masses, and the third is to save gasoline.” In this way, he usually goes to the countryside by bike.

Watch as you go.

There was an old lady of about 60 years old sitting on the roadside with a bitter face.

He got off his bike and leaned down to greet her.

A villager nearby said, “the old lady has no children and no children.

She is not in good health.

Life is hard.” He took out 20 yuan from him and handed it to the old lady.

This 20 yuan is nothing today, but it was not a small amount in the early 1980s.

He also often takes advantage of holidays.

People without the county Party committee office go to the homes of veteran cadres directly by bike to visit and talk about problems.

He said: “reporters have tight time, heavy tasks, many places to run and a long way to run, and they don’t know the road.

Cars must be given priority to reporters.” He went out by bike.

In the evening, he often went to the guest house to visit reporters, boo the cold and ask for warmth, and listen to opinions.

There was a Hutuo River beside TA Yuanzhuang village in Zhengding County.

At that time, there was no bridge and the river was full of sediment.

When he came to the village to investigate, he couldn’t cross the river by bike and couldn’t walk by pushing, so he picked up his bike and crossed the river.

He said to comrades in the county, “I wanted to harness the Hutuo River at that time.

I wanted to prevent floods and build dams.

I am very satisfied that you have begun to harness it now.” His bike also carried these people.

According to public reports, his bike also carried his secretary.

At that time, the traffic was not as convenient as it is now, and he was not familiar with the road.

In order to carry out the research, he also specially purchased a “Wuyi” brand bicycle produced by Xiamen bicycle factory.

He rode his bike and took the then Secretary Wang Taixing to the community street or factory for research.

In the process of research, like ordinary people, he handed over the cigarette as soon as he sat down, communicated his feelings, and then got to the point.

He doesn’t care whether the tea made by others is hygienic or not, so he can drink what he should drink.

The summer in Xiamen is relatively muggy.

The people see him working hard and cut him a watermelon.

He doesn’t care about the buzzing of flies around him and eats it when he comes.

Wang Taixing felt that the vice mayor really had no airs.

On the bookshelf in his office, there is a group photo with his daughter when she was a child.

In the photo, he rides with his daughter.

His daughter is very much like him and is closest to him.

When her mother took her, she was always naughty, but when she was with her father, she was as obedient as a kitten..