[Yangzhou issue 14] comments on greenway and second brush greenway of ecological new town


Riding the Greenway in the new ecological technology city.

What is the “greenway”? Greenway is a linear green open space, usually a tree lined path, Recreational routes for pedestrians and cyclists (excluding electric vehicles) are usually established along natural roads and artificial corridors such as riversides, valleys, ridges and scenic spots.

Successful practices have been carried out in the United States, Britain, Germany, Singapore and some places in China, such as the Pearl River Delta greenway network, Chengdu Greenway, Wuhan greenway, Changsha greenway, etc The concept of “greenway” originated in the 1970s.

It is a man-made corridor crossing the landscape.

“Green” means green, such as forest, river banks, wild animals and plants; “way” The road.

— Baidu Encyclopedia Yangzhou municipal government has been investing heavily in the construction of urban green space, greenway and Sports Park in recent years.

Although some people have some complaints about this, I have found that as long as they actively participate in physical exercise, they hold a positive attitude of welcome.

Those who don’t agree are those who don’t go out to exercise and don’t realize the significance of park green space to their life.

In a society where people who often exercise account for less than 20% of the total population, it’s easy to understand such a dispute.

Urban life brings us a sense of abundance and happiness.

What are the additional gifts – urban diseases: “three highs”, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, psychological diseases…


healthy living habits + scientific exercise are recognized coping methods.

However, in the rapid expansion of our city, the public space for residents’ rest and entertainment was greatly compressed in the early years.

Parks, green spaces and greenways are the green lungs of a city.

If our vital capacity is small, it is strange that our health can be good.

Under the background that the state regards the sports industry as a strategic industry and strengthens national fitness, especially youth fitness, Yangzhou is building more green public spaces, which is moving closer to modern urban civilization and building a platform for residents to live a healthy life! What is modern urban civilization like? The Central Park in New York, built 171 years ago, covers an area of 543 acres and is surrounded by Manhattan Business District.

The house price in 2021 is equivalent to 100484 yuan / square meter.

I just calculate that the park is worth 342.8 billion yuan, which is equivalent to a year’s GDP of Qinghai Province.

But why do Americans think the park occupies public resources, Why not tear down the park and build a building? With this question, I found the data of the sports category of “fitness”: according to the statistics of ihrsa2018 of the American Fitness Association, the fitness population in China is 3.7 million, with a penetration rate of 0.4%.

This figure is much lower than the average of 3.84% in the Asia Pacific region, only higher than India and Indonesia, ranking third from bottom.

The number of Gymnasiums in the United States is 10 times that in China.

When the total population is nearly 5 times lower than that in China, the fitness population in the United States is close to 60 million, about 15 times that in China.

I can understand this: compared with the “comprehensive fitness” in the United States, building urban parks in rich areas such as Yangzhou will encounter greater doubts and resistance because the national fitness has not been popularized on a large scale and there are fewer sports and fitness people.

I personally rode about 10 greenways in Taiwan Province and several greenways in other provinces and cities.

I can intuitively feel the prosperity of urban culture and the level of economic level, which determine the construction level of urban greenways.

So why do many Yangzhou people complain about the park green space Greenway in Yangzhou, while New Yorkers live in the Central Park, Taiwan Province is proud of the greenway around Taiwan, Wuhan, Xiamen, Hangzhou, Shanghai, Taiyuan, Chongqing people take their own greenway as the highlight of the city, which is the urban cultural atmosphere formed in different stages of urban development, Time will prove that vigorously promoting the construction of national fitness venues is conducive to urban development.

The seven rivers and eight islands area of Yangzhou is located between the Hanjiang River and Jiangdu River in Guangling.

After the completion of the greenway project, it will certainly play a positive role in the increase of Yangzhou’s sports population.

Build a nest to attract the Phoenix.

When the nest is repaired, who will attract the Phoenix? These people are our sports associations..