Spontaneous combustion during riding, Hangzhou “7.18” electric car burned her daughter Qiqi, who died after 5 months of treatment

today (December 11) in the morning, sad news came: Qiqi, a 7-year-old girl who was injured in the spontaneous combustion of a battery car on yuhuangshan Road, Hangzhou, died unfortunately…

On July 18, an ordinary afternoon, his father Wei Shunli rode his daughter Qiqi out to buy books in an electric car, and his mother rode another one.

When driving near yuhuangshan Road, Wei Shunli suddenly burned his battery car with Qiqi The father and daughter were severely burned, of which the father’s burn area was more than 95%, and there were pulmonary blast injury and epidural hematoma; Little girl Qiqi burns more than 95%.

At that time, all walks of life in Hangzhou spontaneously raised nearly 5 million yuan for Wei Shunli and Qiqi, providing material guarantee for their medical treatment.

We got the news this morning.

Kiki left us anyway.

The family also confirmed the news on the microblog and thanked the kind-hearted people who cared about father and daughter for a long time.

Kiki, go all the way! May you be a happy little angel in heaven without illness and pain…

App hot discussion on the 19th floor @ unintentionally: pity such a beautiful and lovely little girl.

I can only hope that if I have the next life, I won’t experience such pain again@ Piao: when I used to change the battery of electric vehicles, people said that the battery of electric vehicles has a shelf life.

Although it looks good, it’s best to change it once a year@ Naicheng: later, the battery car downstairs stopped in the corridor and reported one by one.

Source Hangzhou traffic 918 (hzfm918), Beijing evening news WeChat official account dialog box reply [the Mixc] Why are so many people taking pictures outside the mall? Hangzhou announced 1 new COVID-19 infected track activities, 13 new positive cases in Ningbo, and the first case of the epidemic was spread over 4 generations.

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