Heartache! A 7-year-old girl died of spontaneous combustion during battery car riding

On July 18 this year, in a street in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, a father drove his daughter with a battery.

During normal driving, the battery car suddenly deflagration and instantly burned into a fireball.

In order to save the injured father and daughter medical staff, kind people from all walks of life also sent countless caring links to review the event ▼ the electric car instantly burned into a fireball during riding! The 7-year-old girl was notified of her critical illness for the next three times.

The cause of the battery car fire accident in Hangzhou was found out! However, sad news came today that Qiqi, a 7-year-old girl who was severely burned in the accident, left us today (11) Qiqi’s family also confirmed the bad news through microblog and expressed heartfelt thanks to everyone for their help and concern during this period / previously reported / at noon on July 18, master Wei’s family, who rented a house in Hangzhou, went out to buy books in the bookstore.

Master Wei rode a wife with his daughter and another battery car on the way.

Master Wei’s battery car suddenly exploded for a big moment and a small moment Surrounded by the fire, he and his 7-year-old daughter were rescued by his wife and enthusiastic people and sent to the intensive care unit of the hospital.

On July 19, Hangzhou fire control technicians began to investigate the fire battery car.

The fire control showed that when the battery car was on fire, there was material leakage inside the battery, and the area suspected of a large amount of leakage was in the right corner of the battery.

From the internal structure and material point of view, this is a lithium battery.

Combined with the on-site monitoring video, the combustion of the battery car and the preliminary survey of the battery interior, the fire is related to the battery of the battery car.

On September 22, after more than two months of treatment, master Wei was discharged from the hospital and transferred to rehabilitation treatment.

Her daughter Qiqi has been in treatment because of her critical condition.

The experience of the Wei family has received the help and attention of countless kind-hearted people.

Everyone has money and strong efforts, hoping to help the family through the difficulties / / this event rings an alarm for us! How to prevent electric bicycle fire? May tragedy never happen again! Comprehensive: Qianjiang Evening News (reporter / Zhan Cheng Kai Yang Qian), @ China fire protection and @ Hangzhou fire service.

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