Riding God teaches you some road braking skills

The high-speed riding of highway vehicles has always been the pursuit of everyone.

However, in the case of high tension when riding at high speed, such as people or objects suddenly rushing out, going down steep slopes and sharp turns, the operation of the braking system is naturally very important, otherwise it is easy to fall or more serious things.

So is it the left-hand brake or the right-hand brake? How do we judge and react when riding.

Xiaobian will take you to see the braking knowledge of road vehicles.

Only by learning to brake and slow down can we better speed up.


how to brake the highway is to control the vehicle speed through the brake to slow down or stop the vehicle.

The braking force in the brake design is greater than the friction between the tire and the ground.

In other words, when braking with all strength, the tire will lock.

When braking, the road vehicle needs to use the brake according to the proportion of the first 70% and the last 30%, because the center of the road vehicle is closer to the front when riding, and the inertia during braking will make the friction force between the front wheel and the ground much greater than that of the rear wheel.

Although the brake that only controls the front wheel will have better braking consequences, it is also more likely to lock the brake, and it is more likely to make the car roll forward.

All braking should be carried out according to the corresponding proportion, which is the accurate way.

2、 Brake grip posture highway brake grip can be mainly divided into two ways: holding the upper handle and holding the lower handle.

Due to the different force application points, the braking force of the lower handle is usually larger than that of the upper handle.

If you touch your finger when pressing the brake, it means that the brake is too loose, the brake block is about to wear out, or the brake knob forgets to turn back.

Grip: suitable for gentle descent, weak braking force, easy to fine tune the braking force.

▲ upper grasp method and riding posture: use your thumb and ring finger to hold the handle in a buckle manner, and your index finger and middle finger are responsible for controlling the brake handle.

Grip handle: suitable for steep descent, strong braking force, easy to reduce speed quickly.

▲ lower grasp method and riding posture: use your thumb and ring finger to hold the handle in a buckle manner, and your index finger and middle finger are responsible for controlling the brake handle.

3、 The correct braking method has obvious braking force before braking, which is easy to reduce the speed in a short time and has a great impact on safety.

If the center of gravity of the body is too front, it is easy to cause the rear wheel to soar and cause danger.

Therefore, it is generally not recommended to act alone.

The braking force of the rear brake is weak, which is suitable for fine-tuning and controlling the speed, and has little impact on safety.

However, if the braking force is too strong, it will still cause the rear wheel deadlock, and the rear wheel will produce lateral offset, making the rider’s center of gravity unstable.

Before entering the corner, it is necessary to reduce to the turning speed, rather than braking while turning.

It is recommended to press the front and rear brakes at the same time, and first act in the way of continuous inching brake.

If you want to reduce the speed, then act in the way of continuous light pressure, so as to adjust the speed.

If it is still too fast, you can slowly increase the pressure channel, and never press the brake with all your strength in an instant.

4、 Correctly judge the dangerous road conditions in rainy days: a layer of water film may be formed on the brake surface of the rim.

When the brake is operated, the friction between the brake block and the brake surface cannot be generated in real time.

Therefore, it is recommended to gently press the brake during the travel to make the brake block touch the brake surface, so as to eliminate the water film and make the brake performance relatively obvious.

Sharp turns and steep slopes: the braking of bicycles in curves is very dangerous.

The grip of the front wheel in the curve becomes very complex.

The accidental locking of the front wheel or rear wheel will lead to an immediate crash.

Therefore, the use of braking in curves should be very careful, with average strength before and after, and avoid strong braking in curves.

The danger can be eliminated only by decelerating completely before entering the curve.

Facing the bumpy road, in addition to holding the lower handle, the fingers remember the ring buckle grip, the hips leave the seat cushion slightly, and the limbs are slightly bent.

5、 Check the brake system.

The configuration of the brake system may be different for different brands or models.

Especially when getting an unfamiliar bicycle, we must determine whether the left and right brake handles operate the front brake or rear brake respectively at the beginning of a ride, and check whether the brake line group is intact, And first carry out a simple test of the riding brake system to confirm whether the wheel set and brake are different.

Only after confirming that they are in good condition can a formal riding be started..