Playing in space and riding on the dome, you can also drink with time

It has been some time since the end of the 2020 Summer Olympic Games, and more and more attention has been paid to next year’s Beijing Winter Olympic Games.

However, the upcoming 2024 Paris Summer Olympic Games three years later did not stop “brushing the sense of existence” and building momentum in advance.

From the so-called Luyu hairstyle, it is actually the Olympic logo that pays tribute to female athletes with the Olympic flame and the silhouette of the face of Mariana, the national symbol of France.

To the recently announced “four in one” Olympic gold medals, they have successfully attracted public attention and attracted countless eyes.

In particular, this shared gold medal was designed by Philippe Starck, a famous French genius designer who built the Elysee residence and Jucy salif alien juicer.

The design takes into account the official slogan of Paris’s bid for the 2024 Olympic Games – “made for sharing”.

A complete gold medal can be divided into four pieces.

While retaining the main body, the athlete can also give the other three pieces to those who have helped him and are of great significance to him.

In fact, this is also to express that victory does not belong to fighting alone.

After victory, those who make efforts and give help are also part of “success”.

This design seems very simple, but in fact, it takes into account a lot of humanistic spirit.

After reading it, people have to sigh.

It’s really French.

It’s really romantic.

Speaking of the romance of the French, the “eight minutes in Paris” at the closing ceremony of the Olympic Games earlier was enough to impress people.

This year, due to the epidemic, the team of the next host country could not come to the Olympic site to complete the eight minute display, but to present it through video.

In this way, with the camera, in a short time, we not only saw those French landmarks like paintings, but also felt the romantic spirit and life philosophy deep in the bones of the French.

At the beginning of the video, we heard the French National Anthem Marseille sounded on the roof of the French stadium.

Musicians appeared in every corner of Paris, France.

It’s like walking on the Green Avenue in Paris (la petite ceinture) a grand piano on a disused track.

It is also the first elevated park in the world.

The former public transport facilities have been transformed into a different garden in the city.

Walking here, you can also enjoy the busy traffic and beautiful scenery of the city.

Or you can play the marimba in front of the statue of victory in the Louvre in Paris Le Dangyang is in this world-famous art palace.

From playing string music in the Green Square du vert Galant along the Seine River to Diderot skateboarding park (skatepark Diderot) and skateboarder boys are running with the drums – this song seems to be a symphony of the city.

In the public space full of historical buildings and modern humanities, music is a gust of wind and a ray of light, which runs through it naturally and is particularly beautiful.

An intoxicating picture appears in the French space station.

Astronauts Thomas pesquet finished the last melody of Marseille with his beloved Saxophone there.

The bright stars are intertwined day and night, just like floating on time and space.

This also gives music vision and human emotion meaningful romance, and is also known as one of the most beautiful moments at this closing ceremony.

In the documentary, Thomas pesquet, who was on his first mission, and two other astronauts from the United States and Russia, took the Soyuz rocket to space and spent 196 days without gravity there.

When Thomas pesquet first boarded the spacecraft, the saxophone was not brought into the spacecraft because of the rocket launch and the weight limit of astronauts’ accompanying items.

On his birthday, his partner asked NASA for help in order to surprise Thomas.

Without his knowledge, he sent the saxophone to the space station through the supply warehouse.

It is also because of this affection that we see this beautiful and moving picture.

This year also happens to be Thomas’s second space mission.

Japanese astronauts also exchanged Olympic flags with him on the international space station and brought the spirit of peace and love beyond the earth.

Back on the surface, young French people riding wheelbarrows completed a Parkour along the roof of Paris buildings.

Their figures pass through the Orsay Museum, which was rebuilt from an abandoned old railway station (Lemus é ed’orsay) – come to the resplendent Paris Opera House, the masterpiece of eclecticism.

When disabled fencers compete under the glass dome of the Grand Palace in Paris, you can see their flying figures.

From a bird’s-eye view, the people running around the city are accompanied by the soundtrack created by woodkid, a famous French director, composer and singer Prologue keeps moving forward.

The holy singing of the choir, the gorgeous and melodious brass group, and the impassioned percussion music of woodkid’s landmark.

From the three color flag day scene fireworks “painted” by the French Air Force flight performance team to writing the title of Paris 2024 with a marker on the live camera.

French romantic feelings are presented again and again, depicting a new future about the historical time of the city, thus opening the curtain of the next good play.

Although we have to wait a little longer to find out about the grand occasion of the Paris Olympic Games.

However, people have always been fascinated by French style aesthetics and French lifestyle..