New year’s day, hiking + cycling, 1 out of 2, always have your favorite

“New Year’s Day activities are arranged as follows: No.

1: laogeji hiking (9.5km); No.

2: Conghua cycling; Xingxi hiking (10km); No.

3: Longyu hiking in the city (Longdong Forest Park – 13km of Yudong Road)” 1 [cycling] 20km cycling on Liuxi River greenway No.

2 activity “New Year’s Day cycling” ▲ price: 188 yuan / person, 148 yuan / person (self-contained car); 338 yuan / large and small; 50 yuan / person (do not participate in riding and meals) the cost includes: Bicycle fee, lunch, insurance, team leader, trauma drugs and activity materials; the cost does not include: round-trip transportation and personal consumption ▲ location: Conghua, Guangzhou ▲ group number: 10 people ▲ travel mode: self driving or subway √ suitable for children over 8 years old or over 1.4m √ recommended reason: green road riding is safe and smooth Riding; Wetland Park games to enhance empathy; Relax and exercise.

Itinerary: morning: 09:00-10:00; drive (Collection) 10:00-10:30; get to know mountain bikes 10:30-12:30; ride 12:30-13:30; lunch (farm) afternoon: 13:30-15:00; nature games 15:00-16:30; ride 16:30 – group photo, return trip 2 [walking in Geji] No.

1 activity of Guangzhou Huadu ring line / scenery in Geji “New Year’s day hiking line 1” ▲ price: 188 yuan / person, parent-child 286 yuan / one major and one minor ▲ location: Guangzhou Huadu ▲ number of people in the group: 10 ▲ difficulty coefficient: ★★☆☆▲ landscape coefficient: ★★★☆☆▲ expenses include: insurance, professional coaches Fare (self driving) and activity materials.

Suitable for people: independent parents and children over 9 years old (children over 6 years old) √ recommended reason: some climbing of the line is not difficult; beautiful scenery, big lawn, the source of Jiulong Lake; forest healing.

Itinerary: morning: 08:30-9:30 √ drive (Collection) 9:30-10:00 warm up + understanding + task assignment 10:00-12:30 walking 12:30-14:30 lunch (lawn) + nature games afternoon: 14:30-16:00 walking 16:00 return trip 3 [Xingxi hiking] No.

2 activity from Dongxing village to Xitou village of Conghua “New Year’s day hiking route 2” ▲ price: 188 yuan / person, parent-child 306 yuan / major and minor ▲ location: Conghua, Guangzhou ▲ number of people in the group: 10 ▲ difficulty coefficient: ★☆☆☆▲ landscape coefficient: ★★★☆▲ expenses include: insurance, professional coaches, fares and event materials; Suitable for: independent parents and children over 9 years old (children over 4 years old are required) √ recommended reason: the route is simple, the whole journey is bamboo forest, plum blossom and maple forest; there is no climbing, which is suitable for the whole family to travel; create parent-child relationship.

Schedule: morning: 08:30-10:00; drive (Collection) 10:00-10:30; warm up + understanding + task assignment 10:30-12:30; hiking 12:30-13:30; lunch (road meal) afternoon: 13:30-15:00 hiking + rest 15:00-16:00 punch in 16:00 – return 4 [Longyu hiking] Longdong Forest Park Longdong reservoir No.

3 activity / Longyu scenery “New Year’s day hiking route 3” ▲ price: 88 yuan / person, 100 yuan for parents and children.

Those who have participated in the route will participate free of charge.

▲ location: memorial archway of Longdong Forest Park ▲ number of people in the group: 10 ▲ difficulty coefficient: ★★☆☆▲ expenses include: insurance, team leader Activity materials (excluding round-trip transportation and picnic) suitable for people: independent parents and children over the age of 9 (children over the age of 6 and have hiking experience) √ recommended reason: visit Japanese blockhouses; challenge different road conditions √ itinerary: morning: 08:30-8:50; gather 9:00-9:30; warm up + understanding + task assignment 9:30-12:30; hiking 12:30-13:30; lunch (road meal) + outdoor sharing; afternoon: 13:30-15:00; hiking: 15:00-16:30; clock in: 16:30 – the above return activities are normally held during the new year’s day, and the number of people in each session is no more than 30.

Come and date with winter to leave you a glittering happy memory.

For details, please contact: Schisandra chinensis ↓↓ consultation: please contact Schisandra chinensis 1475063914 (same wechat number) refund rules 1.

Cancellation 2 days or more before the event will be refunded in full 2.

Cancellation 1 day before the event will be refunded 50% of the full amount 3.

Cancellation of the event on the same day or direct non participation in the event without prior explanation will not be refunded in full and can not be postponed 4.

Cancellation of the event due to the organizer can be refunded in full 5.

If the event is cancelled due to force majeure, the event will be postponed, and the extension is also applicable to the refund rules 。 (force majeure includes but is not limited to epidemic situation, natural disasters, administrative reasons, etc.) warm tips 1.

Equipment: comfortable walking shoes / sports shoes, sunscreen clothes, sweat towels, anti mosquito water, shoulder bags, optional sunglasses, hats and sunscreen, etc.; 2.

Prepare two more masks, water bottles and road meals; 3.

The organizer will inform the schedule in advance in the registration group.

Please check and notify in time Reminders to avoid delaying the trip; 4.

Strive to be a pioneer in environmental protection, bring their own garbage bags and take away their own garbage; 5.

The organizer has prepared emergency medicine..