Heartache! The 7-year-old girl died of spontaneous combustion during electric vehicle riding

On the morning of December 11, the reporter got a sad news from the hospital involved in the treatment.

Qiqi, the little injured in the “electric vehicle fire on yuhuangshan road in Hangzhou”, left us at more than 6 o’clock this morning.

Qiqi’s family also confirmed the news on the microblog and thanked the kind-hearted people who cared about her father and daughter for a long time.

On July 18, an electric car fire broke out on yuhuangshan road in Hangzhou.

Master Wei Shunli, 42, and his 7-year-old daughter Qiqi were severely burned.

On July 19, Hangzhou fire control technicians began to investigate the fire battery car.

Fire control shows that when the battery car is on fire, there is material leakage inside the battery, and the area suspected of a large amount of leakage is in the right corner of the battery.

From the internal structure and material point of view, this is a lithium battery.

Combined with the on-site monitoring video, the combustion of the battery car and the preliminary survey of the battery interior, the fire is related to the battery of the battery car.

After the accident, the Wei family received the help and attention of countless Hangzhou people.

All sectors of society have extended a helping hand to help master Wei’s father and daughter.

The medical personnel have devoted themselves to the treatment.

Father Wei has recovered and discharged from the hospital on September 22, and his daughter Qiqi has been in treatment because of her critical condition.

But the miracle didn’t happen.

Qiqi, who was seriously injured, finally left us.

How to prevent electric vehicle fire? Although the volume of electric bicycle is small, the fire hazard is great.

The fire department reminds that the following points must be kept in mind to prevent electric bicycle fires: do not buy “three no products”.

When buying electric bicycles and batteries, choose well-known brands.

We must not be greedy for cheap and buy “three noes” products, whose quality and safety cannot be guaranteed.

Pay attention to the charging link.

No “flying line” charging, line overload is easy to cause fire; Without charging all night, most chargers have no “overcharge” protection device, and the battery continues to heat at high temperature, causing fire and explosion.

Illegal parking is strictly prohibited.

Please park and charge the electric bicycle according to the regulations.

According to the regulations on fire safety management of high-rise civil buildings officially implemented on August 1 this year, it is strictly prohibited to park electric bicycles or charge electric bicycles in the evacuation walkways, staircases and emergency exits of high-rise buildings.

In case of fire, the toxic smoke burned by polymer composites on the body will directly block the “life passage”.

No modification, regular inspection.

Do not refit vehicles and batteries without authorization, check lines and batteries regularly, and replace old batteries in time.

Source: Voice of Zhejiang, Qianjiang Evening News, @ Hangzhou burn girl xiaojiaqi’s family, guangming.com editor: Zou Chang proofreading: Zhang Yawei editor in charge: Jia Yangyang Supervisor: Kou shuanmin more hot text Hebei heavy official announcement: electric bicycles are not allowed to go on the road without registration! Shijiazhuang latest release! Implemented today! Multiple confirmed cases were found, 1 city launched level I emergency response | 1 staff in chess and card room were positive | Shijiazhuang Luancheng district epidemic prevention Office issued an emergency announcement, epidemic prevention and control was ineffective, 4 cadres were informed | concealed their itinerary, the couple were detained | one suspected Xinguan positive person was found! Stop work! Shut down! Three students from Hebei No.

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