Do you know the “Taboos” in cycling? Have you ever committed it?

Have you ever thought about it—— Riders themselves make mistakes, don’t respect the riding principles, pass negative effects on riders around them, and don’t have the basic quality of riders, etc.

Have you noticed all this? In order to ride outdoors for a long time and maintain a long-term relationship with your teammates, here are some of the most common mistakes.

Let’s see if you have made some unintentional mistakes? 1.

Invisible cyclists if we want to be respected, we must abide by laws and traffic regulations.

One of the requirements is to make yourself visible.

In the evening, wear bright or reflective clothes, and install a set of lights at the front and rear of the bike, so that drivers and pedestrians can see us more easily.

Our lives are as important as the lives of others.


I don’t understand the concept of cycling.

Owning a bicycle is not only riding it, but also a different way of life.

The speed of a bicycle can be very fast, which may put pressure on others.

Because an elderly couple invaded the bicycle lane and kept cursing.

But what can you get with this attitude? Nothing.


Disturbing pedestrians, we all crossed the sidewalk by bike.

So we should make changes, such as slowing down or getting off the bus and walking.

Like sidewalks, threatening pedestrians in parks and many other public places can only give us a few seconds of free time.

In addition to causing trouble, it is the collective foul image of riders in the whole city.

Therefore, when you share space with pedestrians, be sure to keep a cool head and ride on the bicycle line all the time.


Buy stolen goods.

Don’t buy stolen goods.

We are tired of criticizing the corruption of politicians and bankers, and we will fall into the same mistake.

There are all kinds of bicycles and accessories on the market to deal with all types of budget plans, and there are legal flea markets where people can find more bargains.

Therefore, if no one buys the stolen goods, the theft will be reduced to a minimum.


When riding a bike, it is important to use your mobile phone without anyone calling.

It is important for you to risk your life and empty your hand to answer, so that you can’t pay attention to the road conditions.

No text message is urgent.

At this time, you must move your eyes to the mobile phone screen and can’t pay attention to the traffic.

Instant messaging, web browsers, games, these modern technologies that can distract us are many.

So please pay attention to them after you get off the bus.


Ride in fear.

If you feel scared or inexperienced, ride slowly and avoid those busy streets.

You can choose to ride with more experienced people so that they can give you riding advice.

Also, use bicycle lanes, parks, and quiet streets as much as possible.


Cyclists love to show off.

When people in the same industry ride an ordinary non variable speed “vegetable car”, you ride a race grade all carbon roller road car that thinks it’s crazy to drag and blow up the sky.

The focus is to show off deliberately.

I’m happy, but others don’t necessarily buy your account.

Brother, please, we ride bicycles, not racing cars, let alone “drying” cars.

Therefore, the premise of riding is to give each other confidence, not pressure.


The sense of victory and defeat is too serious.

Treat leisure riding with a competitive psychology.

Whenever, always keep a distance half a wheel ahead of others.

Maybe it’s cool for yourself, but it may not win the favor of others.

Unless your starting point is a sprint training or competition between teams.

Otherwise, it’s better to relax, enjoy the comfortable mood of leisurely cycling on the cushion, look at the scenery along the way with your companions, and feel the gentle breeze in your ears.

Believe me, no one likes people who love showmanship.


Too much emphasis on equipment, too much emphasis on equipment, riding clothes, or any riding related objects, to the point of incurable power.

Although in your opinion, cycling may be very important, and even you are willing to spend a lot of money and time on cycling, not everyone is a heavy enthusiast.

If you pursue expensive kits, not everyone values brands.

Most people’s idea of riding is “how comfortable, how to get healthy and happy in riding”.

Even if you only comment on other people’s equipment and your companions, it will make your companions uncomfortable with your attitude.

It’s better to say less.

Even if you really think so, just keep it in your heart.


Talking about weight with others usually cyclists care about their own weight, power and weight ratio.

But not to mention self mockery can be very impatient.

If you are in good shape and strong, and you have to complain about how dissatisfied you are with your body shape and physical condition in front of others, this is also very annoying.

Just like girls are obviously thin, it’s a truth to keep shouting to lose weight in front of people who are fatter than themselves.

Meeting such riders will not only affect the travel mood, but also cast a shadow on the mood of the day? Have you ever met such wonderful riders when you go out for a ride? How did you deal with it Welcome to share and spread to more riders.

Oh, we love cycling, so we have reason and obligation to be a more qualified and excellent Rider!..