[cycling story] Lily’s transformation journey

Cycling story: Lily, who works hard, is the coolest.

Lily’s cycling story starts with a video.

When Lily was very young, her mother saw a video of a group of children wearing helmets, riding a balanced body, covered in the sun, running happily on the grass and in the forest, emitting vitality and brave light.

Yes, children belong to the outdoors.

The balance car planted a seed in Lily’s mother’s heart.

When Lily was one and a half years old, her mother bought her the first balance car.

She looked curiously and touched it.

With her mother’s encouragement, she stood on the car and pushed it excitedly.

Of course, the car will be idle after it is fresh, because the small partners in the community play with twist cars and scooters.

My mother thought that she should find some like-minded friends to play with.

Once in a while, my mother saw pictures of my children’s activities in the wheel childhood club sent by my friends in the circle of friends, which suddenly made my mother feel that she had found an organization, because this is what my mother expected! In lily2 At the age of 5, I owned kokua’s car and found a group of like-minded children.

At the age of 2 and 8 months, I participated in the first balance car competition.

I wandered to the end under the guidance of my mother’s voice and got the first finish trophy.

I’m so happy.

Since then, Lily likes cycling, participates in cycling activities on weekends, and sometimes goes to the club to ride at night.

With the company of the balance car, the outdoor time becomes more meaningful.

In the spring when Lily was 3 years old, her mother took lily on a trip to rural Japan, took her balance car, rode the balance car to see the world, and took part in two balance car competitions.

At that time, she didn’t systematically learn to ride.

She couldn’t turn a corner during the competition, couldn’t stop the car and hit the pole.

However, she was so ignorant that she even stood on the boss and won two third place trophies.

Lily experienced the joy of racing in a foreign country.

After returning home, her mother began to take her to class and began to learn cycling under the guidance of her teacher.

4 years old, 4 years old, ashamed, sad and happy, a taste of pain and happiness, and a balanced car career without crying is incomplete.

Wrestling will cry, and class 1-2 times a week will cry.

The company of her mother, the encouragement of her coach and the snack sharing of her friends all helped Lily stick to it and get used to such exercise frequency.

Adhering to the habit of exercise is the quality that my mother wants her to adhere to.

Keep practicing.

Lily is better than when she was three years old.

She won’t cry and lie down in the track.

She will quickly pick up the car and continue to run.

If her shoes fall off, she will continue to run.

Not giving up is a quality she learned.

At the age of 4, she won the championship trophy of the first balance car competition in her life.

At the age of 5, 5, he was resolute, courageous, and constantly breaking through himself.

Because of COVID-19, the days of cycling stopped for some time.

Time soon came when she was 5 years old.

Lily began to be interested in the pump track.

She was fascinated by the charm of the wave track.

Or come to dolphin class to study.

From not being able to stand in the pump channel for a circle to raising the pressure in the whole process, from the fear of going up the curved wall to daring to do the curved wall jump, failure after failure and persistence after failure, mother saw the light in Lily’s eyes when she kept trying to learn new actions.

During her 5-year-old summer vacation, Lily opened the door to a new world – BMX.

The hot summer vacation can’t offset her enthusiasm for BMX.

That summer, the coach gave you a lot of encouragement: Wow, lily, you did it! Good! In fact, at that time, her wheels only left the ground, maybe only 1 cm, maybe just one hand left the handlebar for riding…

But every little progress brought her a lot of happiness.

The coach’s praise and encouragement became the source of her progress.

She loved this very challenging sport.

Because it is an extreme sport, she has to wear protective gear all over her body and a thick helmet on her head.

In hot weather, with armor and protective gear, she is sweating before moving, but she still practices new movements outdoors again and again.

Lily likes BMX, which makes her more brave, not afraid of failure, but also learned how to protect herself.

The excellent mother behind Lily’s riding story.

The whole article comes from Lily’s mother’s record.

There must be a persistent mother behind every excellent baby.

We see that Lily’s mother always stands behind her child in classes, competitions and activities, encouraging and accompanying lily.

No matter what your grades are, accept what your child has and pay more patience and persistence, and good results will come naturally.

Here are some experiences of Lily’s mother to share with you.

     “Lily has been a child who loves sports since childhood.

I also try to spend more time with her and take her to various outdoor sports to balance the surprise of car sports.

Danger, strangeness, dexterity and beauty enrich Lily’s life and cultivate Lily’s positive, confident and firm personality.

Repeated practice teaches her not to give up easily and understand that more persistence will lead to better results and difficulties Difficult, will also find ways to challenge and overcome it.

Therefore, I am willing to take her to play with the car, take her to more and more interesting places to ride, participate in super interesting competitions, feel the spirit and charm of the balance car and BMX, and encourage her to strive to stick to what she loves..