After riding for 10 years, they decided to take autistic children to gallop together

“This year is the 11th year of surf, so we also want to do something special and meaningful.” Surf cycling club is composed of a group of caring and cycling loving volunteers.

The name surf refers to “s” afety safety “,” U “unique “R” elax “and” F ” UN fun, which represents the principle and goal system of cycling club activities in the past 10 years.

Xiaomi, the leader of the cycling enthusiast team spontaneously composed of people from all walks of life, said that surf is the only club in Shanghai that has continued to carry out cycling activities since its establishment.

Team members have their own work, with hobbies, zero pay to jointly operate the club.

Every week, like-minded riders meet together to promote a healthy lifestyle, which is the past decade.

01 autistic children should also have a rich life.

This year, they decided to take autistic children and start their cycling trip.

So there is the “star with me” public welfare cycling plan.

Team members said they didn’t know much about autism before.

By chance, I got acquainted with a teacher of Shanghai hobby children’s rehabilitation training center and learned that hobby is carrying out cycling activities for autistic children.

On the one hand, it is to improve the sports coordination ability of autistic people, and the transformation of training venues can strengthen their ability to integrate into society.

Because surf itself has accumulated 10 years of riding experience and a group of caring and public welfare members, it wants to go deep into this group and use its own advantages and resources to do something for them.

“This activity is just a small move, but I just want to let more families know that their children can not only stay at home or in institutions, but also have more different choices and richer lives.” Martin said that he is one of the project leaders of “star with me”.

02 even a little change is important “I’m actually surprised that the prevalence of autism is so high now, but we rarely meet such children on the road.

Later we learned that most of the time they stay at home.

On the one hand, they don’t have high social desire and don’t necessarily want to go out; on the other hand, many parents worry that going out can’t control them, so they choose to stay at home more.

So we hope that through this way This is an activity that can help them integrate more into society.

Our team is also doing this with such an original intention.

” Xiaomi said she hopes more people will pay attention to autistic children.

This public welfare cycling activity is planned to be held 1-2 times a month, with about 15 groups of families each time.

The cycling time is about 1.5-2 hours.

The distance is generally 5-15 kilometers according to the situation of children, accompanied by volunteers.

Volunteers participating in the activity need to participate in training to understand the autistic group and how to deal with autistic children in advance.

At present, the children participating in the activities are screened and registered through the rehabilitation institutions cooperated by surf.

The society also considers opening the society to register when the conditions are ripe.

Martin said: “This is something that needs to be done consistently.

It is not a short-term improvement for these children.

It may take 5 or even 10 years to see a little change, but this little change is also important for an autistic family.

Compared with activities such as running, riding is a new skill for children, and they will have a great sense of achievement.

Autism Children should also have interests and hobbies.

Sports themselves are helpful to improve their physical coordination.

They can participate in more outdoor activities, contact with different groups, and increase their social skills.

” 03 they are not a special part.

Different from the activities organized in the past, leading autistic children to ride needs to pay more attention to safety, pay more attention to the children’s state, and sometimes deal with some emergencies, such as some children’s sudden emotional problems or violent behavior.

Fortunately, the volunteers in the same industry have received offline training and are prepared.

With more and more understanding of these children, the team is also constantly accumulating and summarizing experience and improving the activity plan and plan.

Another project leader, fly, said: “Since the launch of the activity, I have been moved by the open attitude of parents.

They don’t feel that they can’t be seen by others because their children are autistic, but think that my children are my children, just like everyone else.

Therefore, we also treat these children with an ordinary heart, rather than taking them as a special part and taking care of them too sensitively 。” Autistic children, like other children, need to be treated equally.

True equality is not specialization, sympathy or over protection.

Living with them with an ordinary heart is a kind of respect; And even differential treatment with good intentions can be a kind of injury.

04 take action with love.

The “star with me” riding plan has just begun.

At present, it only relies on the resources of the riding circle to spread and help each other.

After all, the strength of a non-governmental organization is limited, and they need more attention and support.

Surf is also actively looking for ways.

At present, Zhao Qinghua of Shanghai City Hunter cycling club has donated 20 helmets to the children, and the food magician Shanghai Branch has also donated 2 insulating barrels.

The children’s riding equipment is constantly improving because of everyone’s love.

The team also wants to try to design and make riding clothes for the children.

“We are a spontaneous organization.

We all have our own work.

At the beginning of doing this, we took action with a love without much consideration.

At present, the support we have received is limited to friends.

Whoever can provide help in any aspect can help..