What should I pay attention to when cycling in spring?

01 What should I pay attention to when cycling in spring is the beginning of spring, which is also the first of the 24 solar terms.

The beginning of spring means that the winter when all things are closed has passed, and the beginning of the spring when all things are warm and windy.

Spring is a good season for cycling and fitness.

Before we travel, it is necessary to know some precautions for outdoor riding in spring, which will help riders protect themselves.

02 Pay attention to the choice of time in spring.

The temperature in the morning is generally very low, the fog is relatively large, and there are many impurities in the air, which is not suitable for us to travel at this time; When the sun comes out, the fog disappears and the temperature rises to a certain extent, this is the best time for cycling and fitness.

In case of rain, fog and sand, stop traveling as much as possible to avoid catching cold or suffering from respiratory diseases.

03 Pay attention to the windy and sandy spring and the dry climate.

Therefore, when we ride, the exposed parts of our limbs are not easy to be too much, in order to prevent the spring wind from causing joint pain and skin chaps.

(You can apply glycerin, etc.) At the same time, you should learn the breathing method of sniffing and exhaling.

When riding in the wind, you should try to wear a neck sleeve that can cover the sand or dust, so as to avoid choking the wind, dust damage and other respiratory diseases such as rhinitis.

04 Pay attention to keep warm.

The climate is changeable in spring.

It is warm at first and cold at first.

You should wear reasonable clothes when riding.

It is best to wear cycling clothes to ride a bike.

For example, I wear Vigmy, which is very comfortable every time I ride.

Do not take off or reduce clothes at will between riding.

It is advisable to reduce clothes slightly when the body feels slightly hot.

Do not take off your clothes and rest at the air outlet after sweating.

It is easy to catch cold and induce cold.

05 Replenishing water is necessary and important no matter how low the temperature is.

Cycling is a kind of endurance exercise.

It sweats a lot and needs a lot of water supplement.

However, the normal cycling water bottle is not enough.

Therefore, it is necessary to bring enough water when cycling for a long distance.

The best way is to use a water bag, or bring an extra water bottle.

06 Long-distance cycling to replenish energy makes it easy for riders to exhaust their energy.

In this state, people have a poor appetite and basically do not want to eat, so we need to prepare corresponding food.

07 Protective equipment should be complete because helmets can effectively reduce the probability of concussion when falling off the car, so the United States insurance regulations stipulate that you must wear helmets when riding a bike, otherwise there is no need to compensate for accidents.

But in China, cyclists seldom notice this.

In addition, the commonly used protective gear for cycling includes knee protection, ankle protection, elbow protection and wrist protection, which can prevent sprain, contusion and other injuries during driving.

If cycling is regarded as a sport, these protective devices must be complete.

Warm reminder: cycling is a sport that competes for endurance.

Long-distance cycling is easy to cause fatigue and cause accidents.

You must slow down and obey the traffic regulations while cycling, and try to stop and rest when you are exhausted.

Long-distance cycling is best to focus on safety, or read more information about safe riding.

It is recommended that you buy a riding insurance in advance when you travel in groups or challenge a difficult route.

Safety is always the first rule.

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