The “one thing” reform of safe riding supervision is recommended by Changxing in the whole province!

Recently, the provincial party committee reform office “Runners” published “One thing one time”, let’s see the practices of these places “, introducing Changxing’s experience and practices in promoting the” one thing “reform of electric bicycle safety riding supervision.

Since 2019, in accordance with the overall government concept, Zhejiang has actively promoted the “one thing” integrated reform of the whole life cycle of the people and enterprises, significantly reducing the handling links, application materials, handling time and running times, which has been widely recognized by the enterprises and the people, and Premier Li Keqiang has given approval three times.

In September 2022, on the basis of summing up the experience of Zhejiang and other provinces, the General Office of the State Council formulated and issued the Guiding Opinions on Accelerating the Promotion of “One thing one time” to Create an Upgraded Version of Government Service.

All parts of the province have conscientiously implemented the spirit of the Guiding Opinions, further deepened data sharing, optimized the handling process, and expanded the scope of iterative matters, effectively improving the experience and sense of gain of enterprises and the masses.

Changxing County promoted the “one thing” reform of the supervision of safe riding of electric bicycles to effectively improve the level of traffic safety.

Changxing County focused on the pain points such as the large number of people riding electric bicycles without helmets, illegal carrying of people and other phenomena, innovatively launched the “one thing” reform of the supervision of safe riding of electric bicycles, developed and built the “safe riding” intelligent management application of electric bicycles, and changed the guerrilla “punishment at sight” to the systematic “regular management and long-term governance”.

Since the reform, the proportion of electric bicycles without helmets has decreased from 44.7% to 8.7%; In 2022, the number of fatalities without helmets in fatal accidents was 4, down 83% year on year.

01 Establish a joint disposition pattern of illegal acts.

First, the department’s responsibilities should be “one in one”.

Formulate and issue the Implementation Plan for Smart Governance and Promotion of “Safe Riding” Electric Bicycle, clarify the list of responsibilities of the Public Security Bureau, the Political and Legal Commission, the Big Data Bureau, the Organization Department, the Civilized Office and other departments, straighten out the process of event handling and data flow, and realize the effective joint management of illegal riding management of electric bicycles.

The second is the “one second check” of illegal information.

Connect the national public security network, the provincial public security video private network, the provincial government service network, and the county grass-roots intelligent governance system, install 110 sets of front-end sensing devices in 16 towns (streets, parks) in the county, capture the illegal behaviors at the main intersections in real time 24 hours a day, and accurately lock the identity information of the illegal persons.

The third is to accurately monitor “one-click access”.

According to the intersection perception system, the illegal data of the illegal personnel are counted, and the illegal personnel are intelligently divided into three categories according to the frequency: occasional illegal personnel, frequent illegal personnel and incorrigible personnel.

Relying on the “grassroots intelligent governance system”, the illegal information is transferred to the village community grid member’s mobile phone in real time, prompting the grid member to deal with the illegal behavior in time.

02 Innovate the classified disposal mode of illegal acts.

First, warn and dispose the occasional illegal persons.

For those who violate the law less than 4 times a month, the digital application is used to push the reminder message point-to-point, and the violators can independently learn the warning education videos and articles after clicking the message connection to improve the traffic safety awareness of the violators.

In 2022, more than 70000 people completed rectification.

Second, frequent “door-to-door” treatment of illegal personnel.

For those who violate the law more than 4 times and less than 9 times a month, the probability of frequent violations can be effectively reduced through door-to-door education of community grid members and door-to-door supervision of employers.

In 2022, a total of 7839 frequent offenders will be subject to on-site treatment.

The third is to deal with the “dishonesty” of those who refuse to change after repeated teaching.

Those who still break the law again after “door-to-door” treatment will be severely punished by the traffic police department according to law, and relying on the application of civilized and honest archives, the illegal behavior will be tied with the personal integrity score file and deducted points.

Through the deduction of integrity score, the cancellation of integrity demonstration households and other disposal methods, the self-restraint of the masses will be improved, and the governance will be forced to take effect.

In 2022, 2783 people have been deducted from credit points, and 278 people have been identified as “civilized credit” to be improved.

03 Strengthen the exemplary and leading role of party members and cadres.

For party members and cadres who frequently break the law, the Discipline Inspection Commission and the Supervision Commission will give them a telephone reminder.

At the same time, the organization department will incorporate the illegal behavior of Party members and cadres riding electric bicycles into the vanguard index assessment mechanism, and regularly dry them, and notify them at the branch where the illegal party members are located, so as to effectively avoid the illegal behavior of Party members and cadres.

At the same time, actively mobilize the majority of Party members and cadres to volunteer to participate in the “One Helmet Belt”, “Courtesy to Pedestrians” and other safety riding publicity work, and create a good education and warning atmosphere.

Source: Changxing release, Changxing traffic police.