The impact of riding on the knee is worth our attention

I believe many novice riders have a deep understanding of knee pain! At the beginning, I started the first step of riding with great enthusiasm.

After a long time, there was knee pain.

Why did I watch others ride so easily? Compared with running and other sports, the intensity of cycling is lower, which is why many people just choose cycling.

However, the low intensity does not mean that the damage to the body is small, because the legs need to be trampled at high speed when riding.

If you do not pay attention to some riding knowledge, it is easy to cause damage to the body, especially the knee.

As the kids who often pay attention to the race know, knee injury is the most common occupational disease for professional drivers, affecting the race of many drivers.

For cyclists, knee injury is also one of the most common problems.

So what details should we pay attention to in order to avoid the risk of knee injury? The wrong riding rhythm here means that when your riding ability is low, you dare to ride with high intensity, long distance and long time, but your body can not adapt to such intensity, which will lead to various physical problems and serious knee impact.

The correct way is to step by step, reasonably arrange your riding and training, and slowly improve your riding ability.

▶ Incorrect riding posture and incorrect seat height, angle and position will cause excessive pressure and wear on the knees during riding, so how to adjust these? Please read the previous article.

Here is also a simple reference based on the knee pain: if there is knee front pain, you should raise the height of the seat or move it away from the handlebar.

If the back of the knee hurts, try to lower the height of the seat slightly or move the seat towards the direction close to the handlebar.

If you have followed the correct riding posture and shunted, you will also encounter knee pain, so you can ask professionals to help you adjust.

▶ Incorrect speed change operation affects your pedal frequency, which is closely related to your driving force.

When your treading frequency is too low, your legs need more strength for a single treading, and your knees will bear more pressure.

Select the appropriate gear change to keep the tread frequency in the best range at all times to deal with the road conditions such as flat road, uphill and downhill, which can reduce the injury to the knee.

A study of weak core muscle group found that if the core muscle group of 15 cyclists was tired, the legs would obviously shake to both sides when riding, resulting in greater pressure and friction on the joints, resulting in knee pain.

So when you find that your knees are not in good time, you can properly exercise and strengthen your core muscle group, which is also very helpful to improve your riding ability.

・ If you don’t do warm-up exercise to make the muscles move ahead of time, you can’t make the muscles reach enough range of motion.

When riding, the kneecap can’t move along the correct track, which will increase the internal friction of the knee.

The warm-up exercise before riding can be done as follows: stretch the legs properly, or use the fitness foam shaft to warm up; It is also a warm-up to control low-intensity cycling for a period of time at the beginning of cycling.

The wrong strength training will lead many riders to carry out leg strength training when they are not riding.

For example, the most influential squat is that the center of gravity is forward and backward when squatting.

The correct thing is to ensure that there is a certain amount of adjustment space on the soles of your feet, and do not lift your heels, otherwise the pressure of body weight will be shared with your knees.

Also pay attention not to control the height of squatting.

The pressure on the knee during the half squatting is greater than that of full squatting! The inappropriate clothes are at the beginning of spring and the end of autumn.

The northern partners still don’t choose to ride shorts, which will cause incurable diseases to the knees.

Knee pain is not a small problem, it needs more attention.

In case of serious knee pain, it is recommended to go to a professional doctor or physiotherapist for diagnosis and treatment.

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