The greatest pleasure of riding is to ride to the unknown

Wen/At the beginning of December, 2012, the weather was cold, but it could not cool the enthusiasm of cycling.

After being confined at home for more than ten days, the tail has grown out and the clothes are going mouldy.

In the morning, I set out in the cold, facing the less warm sun, and strolled on the familiar road with two wheels.

The pedestrians on both sides of the road trembled in the cold wind and glanced at me with strange eyes, thinking that it would not be cold for this person to ride a bike in winter? Before leaving, I threw a sentence to the cycling group: “Cross country.” No one responded.

It is estimated that the relatives and friends are either sleeping late or being dragged away by their wives.

It is better to be warm in the quilt than to shiver in the cold wind.

It was a little cold at first.

At the moment of entering the ditch, my body began to get hot and my forehead sweated.

Only when people are exercising, the body is hot, the heart is hot, and the surrounding air is also infected with heat, which can be transmitted.

Ride with the riders.

Everyone is a heat source, passing on and gathering with each other, which can melt thick ice.

Today, I am the only one who can warm others but myself.

Soon, it flashed into a gully.

During the ride, a wisp of white flickered in the field of vision on the right, which was very bright in the sun.

Stop, stop and watch.

The white light comes from the ice falling on the rock cliff at the bottom of the ditch.

I pushed the car down the river, walked carefully across the ice, came to the ice fall, broke a small ice fall, put it in my mouth, and turned into a cool spring.

The ice pendant is alive, and the segment I break off will grow the next day.

I kicked first, and a thick ice drop broke, with a click, like a broken rib.

Does she hurt? The gecko’s tail will not hurt when it is broken, but will panic.

The ice fall will also be frightened.

She didn’t expect me to come, let alone that I would kick her in the ribs.

In fact, I didn’t know I would come here, everything is fate.

Remember? The car and the ice pendant have a cool shape.

I have witnessed their love.

Five Eyes Spring, I came here, plunged into its arms, slipped into its arms today, and then slowly climbed out.

I just went up the mountain and met a group of cattle.

The cattle and I were surprised.

The cow ran towards the farmyard, my legs trembled, and my eyes glanced at my black riding clothes, which were not red, and my heart was secure.

My car and I reached a fork in the road in Huang Jiaju’s “Glorious Years”.

Whether to go left or right is the topic of riding and life.

Fei said, “The greatest pleasure of cross-country riding is exploration.” I understand his exploration as unknown.

The road on the left is a fog; The road on the right has been walked many times, and I am familiar with every corner of it.

I remember that there is a book called “Genius is on the left, madman is on the right”.

I can’t be a genius at ordinary times.

Let’s do it today.

Start with your left hand.

I know the direction of this road.

Many years ago, I wanted to meet her by chance.

She appeared countless times in my dreams, lying under the blue sky and in the embrace of the loess ground, but I could not see her true face.

No matter how I think about it, it is a pity.

Facts have proved that I am right.

The road twists and turns on the ridge of the mountain, sometimes flat, sometimes concave and convex, sometimes thin as ribbons, sometimes wide as skirts, sometimes submerged in the forest, sometimes trapped in the soil, sometimes suddenly standing in front of me, sometimes hanging in the sky.

I walked slowly along the curve, only my own ruts on the road.

Many people must have passed here many years ago.

I’m afraid there are few people who came home after a day’s hard work, who are in a hurry, like me, who are aimless and just running for the unknown.

However, since I am here, I am a guest.

Over the unknown number of mountains, across the unknown number of mountainsides, I never know where the end is.

The road has been extending to the place where the mountain meets the sky, and to the remote unknown.

The same is true of human life.

It leads to the unknown, and explores all the way.

When you encounter mountains and rivers, you can taste every bitter and sweet taste.

There is no way to retreat, and retreat is to retreat and escape.

Only face it, and take every step carefully.

Everyone wants to know what wonderful scenery is at the next stop.

The unknown of scenery is also the unknown of life.

This painting can only be completed and appreciated by yourself.

Everyone has their own unknowns, and we run to our own unknowns, where there is the truth we want.

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