Songyang scenic spot resumed its business, riding ten thousand mu of tea garden, experiencing starry sky camping, and walking on the clouds

Everyone is looking forward to the resumption of business in Songyang Scenic Area! After staying at home for so many days, are you eager to go out for a walk? The white houses are continuous and the tiles are scattered.

Here is the poetic Jiangnan, with a picturesque life.

Today, Xiao Bian brought a look at the green mountains and clear waters, and a look back at the Songyang scenic spot with green fields and blue sky.

Promise me, no! See you! no San 4A: Two new projects in Shuangtong Mountain Scenic Area, “Flying Magic Carpet” “Lingbo Microstep “Waiting for you to challenge Shuangtong Mountain Scenic Spot is one of the ten ancient scenic spots in Songyang.

The scenic spot is covered with mountains and deep pools.

It integrates the Taoist culture represented by Ye Fashan and the Eight Immortals, and the folktale of the monk carrying his wife, so that tourists can appreciate the charm and connotation of local culture while touring the landscape.

As the first high-altitude experience tourist area in Zhejiang Province, the scenic spot contains glass plank path, glass slide, glass viewing platform, glass bridge, and high Skyrope and other mainstream high-altitude sports at home and abroad are integrated, allowing tourists to experience the most exciting sensory challenges.

Flying Magic Carpet, Lingbo Micro Step Glass Bridge, Lingyun Glass Plank Path, Time and Space, Crossing the Glass Slideway, Gorge Mountain, Flying over the High Altitude Slide, Feilada Address: Shuangtong Mountain Scenic Spot, Shuinan Street, Songyang County Tel: 0578-80609994A: Ruoliao Primitive Forest Scenic Spot, a summer resort to feel the changes of the earth in the four seasons, warm in winter and cool in summer.

The total area of Ruoliao Primitive Forest Scenic Spot in southern Zhejiang is more than 40000 mu, the forest coverage rate is 95%, and the content of negative oxygen ions is up to 100000 per cubic centimeter, It is about 100 times higher than the fresh air standard set by the World Health Organization.

Ruoliao Valley is one of the “Ten Grand Canyons of Zhejiang Green Valley”.

Its main peak, Ruoliaoxian, is 1502.3 meters above sea level, and is the highest peak in Songyang County.

Address: Ruoliao Primitive Forest, Likeng Village, Anmin Township, Songyang County Tel: 0578-80952884A: Songyin Stream Scenic Spot, the top ten most beautiful greenways of Jiangnan Agricultural Culture Living Park, Songyin Stream Scenic Spot, is a national water conservancy scenic spot, a provincial wetland park, the annual most beautiful greenway of Zhejiang Province in 2016, the most beautiful river of the Yangtze River Economic Belt in 2018, and the “top ten sports and leisure greenways” of Zhejiang Province in 2019.

With the beautiful landscape and agricultural landscape along the line as the core carrier and the agricultural culture living park as the development model, we will build a Jiangnan agricultural culture living park that integrates agricultural tourism, agricultural experience, waterfront leisure, cultural perception, ecological science popularization and other functions.

▲ Dushan Post Station ▲ Shimenwei Corridor Bridge ▲ Yanqing Footpath The new Haro scenic car will be launched in 2020.

It will be fully open to use in the Songyin River scenic spot.

It will be swept and ridden with your family and friends.

It is like walking through a painting.

Address: Dushan Post Station, Shuinan Street, Songyang County Tel: 0578-80107894A: Damushan Tea Garden, the largest cycling tea garden in China, can intoxicate people.

Damushan Tea Garden is one of the core blocks of Songyang idyllic provincial tourism resort.

It is the standard tea garden demonstration area of the Ministry of Agriculture and the experimental base of the Institute of Tea Sciences of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

This tea park is the first scenic spot in China to integrate cycling sports with tea park sightseeing and leisure, and has become the only national green food demonstration park in the province for the integrated development of the primary, secondary and tertiary industries, and has been awarded the “National Tea Tour Gold Route”.

▲ Bamboo Pavilion ▲ Damushan Tea Room ▲ Tea Picking ▲ Tea Tasting ▲ The Great Bowl Tea Scenic Spot is equipped with high-end mountain bikes and electric sightseeing cars to provide rental services for tourists.

You can ride a bike to sing songs and smell the beauty of tea.

Address: Hengxi Village, Xinxing Town, Songyang County Tel: 0578-80137883A: Qimu Mountain Scenic Spot is the longest extreme slide in the country, the most beautiful starry sky at night.

Qimu Mountain Grass Resort is the first grass slide in southwest Zhejiang.

It is now equipped with extreme grass skiing and leisure grass skiing, among which the extreme grass skiing is equipped with three slides, each 108 meters long, which is the longest extreme slide in the country.

The scenic spot has complete infrastructure, including water rafting, outdoor barbecue, fishing, rock climbing, camping, rope sliding and other supporting projects.

It is a tourist attraction integrating sports experience, leisure and sightseeing.

Laser wireless target water park amusement park Xingkong camping address: No.

1, Qimo Mountain, Nankengkou Village, Xiangxi Town, Songyang County Tel: 151578666113A: Pingtian scenic spot is hidden in the wild and belongs to the Tianyuan Pingtian village, which was built in the reign of Zhenghe in the Northern Song Dynasty and has a history of more than 900 years.

Because of the cloud and fog landscape of more than 200 days a year, it is also called “Pingtian on the cloud”.

The village was listed in the third batch of traditional Chinese villages in 2014, was rated as “China’s Rural Maker Base” in 2017, and was selected as a typical case of rural tourism development in 2019.

Yunshang Pingtian Farm was rated as the provincial demonstration “green farm” in 2019 in Zhejiang Province, and established the Wild Field Cooperative to plant in accordance with the natural agricultural law model, build an ecological pigsty, feed pigs with vegetables grown in the wild field, and realize the ecological cycle.

The Wild Field Base is not only a base for agricultural planting and breeding, but also a base for college students’ practical training and sightseeing experience.

Dahuangtian base Dahuangtian ecological pigsty tourists experience Dahuangtian radish.

The Pingtian Farming Museum and handicraft workshop on the cloud won the first prize of the first batch of excellent works of rural architecture in China.

Yunvale workshop uses persimmons on the mountain and tea foam and chestnut shells sold by villagers to extract and develop cultural and creative products.

The tie dyeing experience in Yunvale Workshop is “Lingfang Magic Land”.

Songyang Food Research Office and Rural Film and Television Aesthetics Base endow rural vitality with life aesthetics, and incubate creative food and documentaries with Songyang characteristics.