Riding – Understanding the meaning of life

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Thank you for your support! The wheel kisses the earth, and the dust flies in youth.

Some people say that free riding is a kind of sharing.

They record the beautiful scenery they see, upload their feelings and feelings to the circle of friends, and let family and friends share it together.

Although others didn’t go, people with a heart can also feel happy from your sharing, as if they also participated.

At this time, we also become the scenery of others.

Go to a strange place from the place where you are, or a place you have been to but don’t often go to, so you can have a different experience.

It is not boring, and can withstand the dusty road.

It is full of expectation for the scenery ahead.

So when you have been around, you will want to travel further.

But riding is not a simple way to measure the land with legs and bicycle wheels, and then let you appreciate the beautiful scenery along the way.

At this time, cycling is not only a sport but also a life attitude.

Even if there is a lot of stress in daily life, there is one thing that can be released regularly and keep you healthy Some people will think: Is it silly to travel by bike! Indeed, compared with self-driving and cycling, it is hard and inconvenient.

But traveling by bike is cheap.

For an ordinary person, the threshold is very low.

As long as you have an idea in mind, you can take a big step to start, and the feeling on the road is totally different from that of taking a car.

Especially after arriving at the destination, you will feel satisfied after breathing the air.

When you see a beautiful place on the way, you can’t help taking a few photos.

The scenery along the way changes gradually.

Meet all kinds of people and things.

Listen to them chatter about family life and look forward to the future.

You will also encounter various small situations, but you can also practice your own way of dealing with difficulties and resilience, as well as the perseverance and resilience that modern young people lack.

Riding is not only a habit, but also a spirit..