Ride the North Canal | Level 2 Tongzhou Grand Canal 30km+: one river, two banks, six gardens, eighteen scenic spots, connecting the history

The imperial boat is waiting to be transported to the riverside in the morning, and the land route is followed by the rest of the water route.

I met Li and Du in one day, and I met them in the past—— In “Boating” by the Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty, you already have a certain riding foundation.

You will be greeted by the Tongzhou Grand Canal, where the river is as wide as a mirror and the trees are as thick as waves.

While completing the 30km cycling challenge, enjoy the past and present life of the Grand Canal and feel the charm of history.

Course location The [Tongzhou Grand Canal] we are going to ride this time belongs to the second level cycling course in the [let’s ride local] Beijing cycling series.

Partners with riding foundation are welcome to punch the card.

Tongzhou is a historic town nurtured by the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, a bright pearl at the north end of the Grand Canal, known as the capital gate, an important meeting on land and water.

It is the left side of the capital, the economic lifeline, and has played an important role in the construction, prosperity and stability of the capital.

“The sculls of the waves are more than the fish of Dongming; the masts of the wind are more than the bamboo shoots of Nanshan”, which is the true portrayal of that year.

The Grand Canal is the soul of the Chinese nation and the lifeblood of national unity and prosperity.

The Tongzhou Canal culture at the north end of the Grand Canal is the concentrated embodiment of this lifeblood and culture.

Why did you choose to ride on the Tongzhou Grand Canal? The special lane for riding in Tongzhou Forest Park on the Grand Canal is safe, smooth, comfortable and flat.

During the ride, willow trees, lotus pools and cherry trees fly behind you.

Look far away at the cruise ships and steamers of all sizes in the canal.

Listen to the residents singing, dancing and singing along the river.

The fragrance of flowers on both sides of the road seeps into your nose.

Enjoy it! “One river, two banks, six gardens, and eighteen sceneries” started from the military excavation in the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period, to the unification of the world in the Sui Dynasty, and the state connected the north-south canal to strengthen the north-south economic ties, and then to the flood control in the Ming and Qing Dynasties.

The Grand Canal is a heavy book.

With the change of dynasties, it carries the wisdom history of the ancient people in China to transform nature and make use of mountains and rivers.

Ride along the Grand Canal and feel its cultural and historical details.

The Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal is the longest artificial river in the world.

Like the Great Wall, it is an engineering miracle in ancient China! Highlights of the course ⏵ The 30km cycling challenge sun coach team selected the 30km cycling section after many actual measurements of the Tongzhou Grand Canal cycling route.

Most of the road sections are located inside the park, close to the river bank, with beautiful scenery.

In the road sections with special riding lanes, children can safely experience road riding, be familiar with traffic rules, and establish a sense of responsibility for road riding.

⏵ Map tracing When riding to a closed small park next to the forest park, the children hand out a map, break the secret of strange words and symbols on the map in groups, and find the designated place.

During the process, everyone took turns to try to be the lead rider.

The coach followed at the end of each group.

⏵ Visit the Grand Canal Through riding the Tongzhou Grand Canal, you can understand its historical role and feel the cultural connotation of the great project created by the working people in ancient China.

Course objectives ■ Cultural and historical visit, explore the historical background of the Grand Canal and its construction purpose in various periods of history, understand its significant impact on the coastal cities in the political, economic and cultural fields ■ exercise the ability of map recognition and orientation, activate the horse body of the big mind ■ try road sections, abide by traffic rules, and ride responsibly ■ further improve bicycle skills, and have a more detailed control of body and bicycle, Gradually approaching the feeling of “people and vehicles in one” ■ Complete the 30km cycling challenge, gain a sense of achievement, build a sense of self-confidence, arrange the time theme of the course, 7:40 assemble at the Blue View Lijia parking lot of Dazhong Temple, 7:40-9:10 coach introduction and activity introduction of the bus trip, 9:10-9:40 opening ceremony, warm-up sports games, hiking, safety training 9:40-10:00 test ride fun cycling competition 10:00-12:00 ride 14km, Visit to Tongzhou Grand Canal Park at 12:00-12:40 Lunch Nutritional Road Meal 12:40-16:00 Ride Journey Ride Journey 16km Map Orientation in the Park 16:00-16:30 Camp Review and reflect on the whole day’s experience and harvest 16:30-18:00 Return to the Great Bell Temple, Time of dissolution of basic information activity: March 25 (Saturday), March 26 (Sunday) Place of activity: Beijing Tongzhou Tongzhou Canal Park Recruitment object: ≥ 7 (height above 1.2m, can ride for 1 km without interruption) Registration fee: 750 yuan/person (solar card: 700 yuan/person) Cost includes: shuttle bus, insurance, use fee of riding equipment (car, helmet), meals Ride instructor fee ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ Safety assurance team qualification Sun Catcher is an outdoor education institution with 12 years of experience, and also the first batch of outdoor education institutions engaged in household youth, and has accumulated a lot of rich practical experience.

Sun Catcher is one of the institutions with the first-aid ability certification of the International Wilderness Association, and the battalion teachers have the senior first-aid qualification of the International Wilderness Association (WMAI).

The coach explained that the coach in charge of the team is the certified exploration educator of the Sun Academy, the outdoor instructor of the General Administration of Sport of the People’s Republic of China, the camp instructor, and the WAFA field senior first-aider.

The coach ratio is 2:12 or 2:14.

The insurance is equipped with professional outdoor insurance.

The site evaluation has been carried out for many times.

The route is mature and safe.

Be a warm and powerful companion – this is Slogan of the Warriors of Mountains and Rivers in the past few years.

Later, our values became to empower Chinese children.

The goal has become more ambitious, from the requirement of self to the expectation of children, but the sense of strength has never been lost, and our company and perseverance for children have never stopped.

At the beginning of 2023, 22 children climbed the snowy mountain, and a large number of mountain and river warriors were born in the Grand Slam.