Property emergency prompt: please don’t ride fast, play, chase and play in the park

danger A recent video on the Internet caused a heated discussion that a child accidentally knocked down a young child while riding a bicycle in the park was very sad and caused everyone to ponder…

Please ride safely in the park.

There are more and more children riding bicycles and scooters in the community, and they are in groups.

The speed of riding is fast, and there are serious safety hazards if you do not give way to pedestrians.

It’s dangerous to have no adults to watch! Especially at night, there are many intersections in the community, and the roads are not spacious.

There are more residents walking at night.

It is safe for children, elderly people and pregnant women who play in the community, and sometimes they are hit by children riding bicycles.

Due to the weak safety awareness of minors and poor control ability when riding a bicycle, it is very easy to cause accidents.

Therefore, parents, as guardians of minors’ children, should perform their duties of guardianship well, and also strengthen the education of children’s safety awareness, so that they can ensure their own safety and avoid putting others in danger.

The property hereby proposes all owners to strengthen their own and children’s public safety education to avoid such incidents from happening again.

There are great hidden dangers in the riding safety of the community.

It is not only necessary to teach children, but also to appeal to the owners to participate in, find such uncivilized and unsafe phenomena and behaviors, and actively advise them! Who will be responsible for the injury caused by riding a bicycle in the community? The laws and regulations, the Civil Code, stipulate that parents are guardians of minor children and have the obligation to raise, educate and protect minor children.

If a person without civil capacity or with limited civil capacity causes damage to others, the guardian shall bear the liability for infringement.

As guardians, parents have the obligation to control and educate their children.

The responsibility for education is the legal responsibility of parents.

Parents who fail to perform this responsibility and cause damage to others should bear corresponding tort liability according to law.

Article 72 (1) and (2) of the Regulations for the Implementation of the Road Traffic Safety Law of the People’s Republic of China stipulates that driving bicycles, tricycles, electric bicycles and disabled motorized wheelchairs on the road shall comply with the following provisions: driving bicycles and tricycles must be at least 12 years old; Drivers of electric bicycles and disabled motorized wheelchairs must be at least 16 years old.

The warm reminder of the property is that please do not ride fast and chase in the community to prevent collision.

Do not practice skateboarding, skateboarding and other high-risk sports in the community.

Please wear helmets when riding outdoors, and minors should be accompanied by parents.

In congested streets, you need to reduce the speed or get off to push.

Parents must take the safety of children as the first criterion, and prevent more than one accident.

Thank you for your cooperation!.