Look for the beautiful scenery in winter by cycling. These treasure parks in Beijing are waiting for you to unlock

Proper exercise in cold winter can not only strengthen the body, but also be beneficial to the energy and pleasure of the body and mind.

In this period, Xiaobian will bring several treasure parks suitable for cycling.

Use the wheel to extend the pace to ride and find the beauty of winter.

Yongding River Leisure Forest Park Yongding River Leisure Forest Park is located in Shijingshan District, mainly including the main gate area, Yongding River Cultural Square, riverside scenic belt, town buffalo, eighteen deng, Begonia Valley and other scenic spots.

Standing on the landscape platform, you can have a bird’s-eye view from a high place.

The reeds next to the sky set off the Yongding Tower of the Garden Museum in the distance.

Once you press the shutter, you can freeze a perfect picture of the scenery.

Reasons for recommendation: Yongding River Leisure Forest Park is very convenient for the Liuwa people who love cycling.

There is a sightseeing bike rental point at the west gate of the park.

The family can enjoy the scenery while riding, or lock the car and get off at any time to play.

In the park, there is a sightseeing lane transformed from the original Shougang Steel Slag Railway Line, and then a small train with fairy tale style is introduced.

After riding, tourists can also take their children here to experience the Yongding River culture.

Dongxiaokou Forest Park The southeast gate of Dongxiaokou Forest Park is the starting point of a 42-kilometer-long professional cycling greenway, which connects more than ten parks.

In addition to visiting Dongxiaokou Forest Park, tourists will also pass Hexin Park, Taiping Country Park, Huoying Park and other parks, which is just like riding in a small forest.

The reason for recommendation in the data map is that the cycling path and the pedestrian path in the park are separated.

Riding along the cycling path, sometimes through the woods, sometimes through the water, and sometimes through the rolling hillsides, with different scenery and road conditions along the way, is not only interesting, but also exercise the riding skills.

Shared bicycles are also allowed to enter the park.

However, cyclists should be reminded that the park and the park are connected by ordinary lanes, so be sure to pay attention to the signs beside the road, otherwise it is easy to go wrong, and pay attention to safety.

Grand Canal Forest Park Located on both sides of the North Canal in Tongzhou District, Grand Canal Forest Park is an open park, especially suitable for family outings.

The park does not charge tickets.

You can enter the park by bike, or rent a bicycle for two or three people in the park, and walk and stop in the beautiful scenery.

Reasons for recommendation in the data map: The Grand Canal Forest Park has a flat road, beautiful ecological environment, complete cycling facilities and service system, and special cycling lanes are paved on both sides of the canal.

Along the way, you can enjoy the unique scenery of “one river, two banks, six parks, and eighteen scenic spots”.

Shunyi New Town Riverside Forest Park Shunyi New Town Riverside Forest Park is located along the Chaobai River.

It is not only a natural “oxygen bar”, but also a paradise for sports lovers.

The reason for recommendation in the data map is that the hiking path in the Binhe Forest Park of Shunyi New City is divided into two areas, one for walking and the other for riding.

The design of the riding path in the park is very careful.

The whole route will go through the forest to the river bank, and then back to the forest along the river bank.

The road is flat and suitable for beginners to ride.

Yizhuang New Town Riverside Park Yizhuang New Town Riverside Park is also called Liangshuihe Park.

The park is built along the river in a belt shape.

Bicycles can easily enter the park without any restrictions.

Reasons for recommendation in the data map: The Riverside Park of Yizhuang New Town is equipped with several kilometers of bicycle lanes.

Tourists can choose the riding area according to their preferences, the upstream section can be selected if they like the undulating road, the downstream section can be selected if they like the flat road, the riverside hydrophilic road can be selected if they like the water, and the special bicycle ramp can be selected if they like the stimulation.

Gui River Forest Park Gui River Forest Park is built along the Gui River.

Standing beside the Gui River, you can watch the glittering water.

Being in the deep forest is like entering a different secret place.

Reasons for recommendation in the data map: There are many bike paths in Guihe Forest Park, including wide and flat roads, and occasionally uphill and downhill.

Tourists can sometimes shuttle through the woods and sometimes ride along the Gui River, with excellent scenery.

Pets can also enter the park.

Please pay attention to riding in winter.


Before riding, warm up is necessary.

Before going out, stretch properly until your body sweats slightly.


It is not advisable to ride too long in cold weather.

It is recommended that the ride time should not exceed 1 hour.


When riding a bicycle, the clothes should be breathable, and the thickness of the clothes should be adjusted with the outside temperature.

The clothes with multi-layer zippers are better, and it is better to wear gloves and hats.


In winter, there will be occasional foggy days.

It is best to wear a mask when riding to block the cold air inlet and reduce the inhalation of pollutants.


When riding, stretch your back, lean forward slightly, relax your shoulders, stretch your arms naturally, and hold them on the handle.

The height of the saddle should not be too high or too low.


Be careful in snowy days·