Jogging, cycling, mountaineering Seven great sports for spring, I can’t sit still after watching

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There is a folk saying that in spring, everything recovers, all kinds of grass come back, and all kinds of diseases are easy to occur.

In spring, not only all kinds of plants are growing and germinating, but also many bacteria, dust mites, molds and pathogens are “reviving”, causing various diseases.

In order to improve body immunity and prevent some small colds, Sister Quan recommends 7 kinds of sports suitable for spring.

Let’s do it together Among the seven most suitable sports for spring, fitness and fitness 1.

Walking is the safest, easiest and most economical aerobic metabolism exercise.

After the age of 46, the knee begins to “age” and is not suitable for intense and fast sports.

At this time, you might as well try the gentle exercise of walking, which is not only safe and safe, but also can enhance your physique and immunity.

The middle-aged, elderly and young people with good physique are suitable for walking at a speed of 5~6 kilometers per hour and about 120 steps per minute.

Adhering to the fast walking exercise can improve the cardiopulmonary function of the human body, reduce the body fat rate, and reduce the incidence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, diabetes, hypertension and other chronic diseases; The elderly with weak physique should take a slow walk, about 80 steps per minute, at a speed of 2-3 kilometers per hour, which can help stabilize the mood, eliminate fatigue, and also have the effect of strengthening the stomach and helping digestion.


Cycling is a typical aerobic exercise, which can enhance the heart and lung function, and also make the body symmetrical.

It plays an obvious role in preventing chronic diseases such as heart disease, hypertension and diabetes.

Cycling for the purpose of daily fitness can take about 20 to 40 minutes each time.

If the exercise intensity is low, it can be appropriately prolonged, but it is not recommended to exercise for too long to prevent fatigue damage.

Stretching the whole cold winter, people’s body seems to be curled up.

The best thing to do in spring is stretching to wake up the body.

Young people had better do yoga, while old people can practice Qigong.

A stretch action “climbing the wall” is recommended.

Stand facing the wall, slowly climb up and touch along the wall with both hands or one hand, stretch the whole body as far as possible, then slowly back down, return to the original place, and repeat.

A new Danish study on jogging found that jogging for one hour a week can prolong their life by about six years, and the fitness effect of jogging is better than any high-intensity exercise.

Jogging can also increase oxygen intake, reduce blood pressure, get rid of body fat and improve heart function.

Squatting up and squatting up can exercise the sympathetic nerve and alleviate the small problems of dizziness and dizziness to a certain extent.

Most men are suitable for weight-bearing squats, which can exercise pelvic floor muscles and lower body muscle groups and improve erectile dysfunction.

However, middle-aged and elderly people should not blindly pursue the number of times, so as to avoid muscle damage.

They can do 5 to 10 times a day.

In order to prevent knee joint injury, do not exceed the toes when squatting.

It is not suitable for people with poor joints, osteoporosis and minors.

Mountain climbing is an excellent aerobic exercise.

The mountain is rich in vegetation, fresh air, and full of negative oxygen ions.

It can also help people relieve stress while exercising.

In addition, the rugged mountain roads are beneficial to improving the balance function of the human body, enhancing the coordination ability of limbs, and enhancing the flexibility of limbs.

Note: The knee joint bears more impact when going downhill, so the pace should be slow.

People who are overweight and have bad knee joints should reduce the number and duration of climbing, and use climbing sticks when climbing to help share weight and reduce the burden of knee joints.

7 Kite flying Spring is a season for kite flying.

It not only allows people to bathe in the melting spring light, but also can achieve the purpose of dredging meridians, regulating qi and blood, and strengthening the body through the cooperation of hands, eyes and limbs.

When flying kites, middle-aged and elderly people and people with cervical spondylosis should pay attention not to lean back for too long, and can look up and look up alternately.

It is better to choose a flat and open site, rather than lakes, rivers and places with high-voltage power lines to avoid accidents.

In spring, avoid getting sick, and remember six bowls of soup one by one: jujube vegetable and fruit soup jujube contains a large amount of anti-allergic substance adenosine cyclophosphate, and has the effect of replenishing qi, which is especially good for women.

Green leafy vegetables, oranges, apples, strawberries and other fruits and vegetables with high vitamin C can not only enhance immunity, but also help to remove heat accumulated in autumn and winter, beneficial to the intestines.

One place to sunburn: sunburn the back in spring.

You must sunburn the back, because there is a meridian on the back that can not be ignored – the governor meridian.

The governor vessel is known as “the sea of yang vessels”.

When you get your back hot and comfortable, your body will have enough yang, which can nourish the yang and eliminate all kinds of evil, and reduce the chance of illness.

The sun exposure is generally before 10:00 a.m.

and after 3:00 p.m., at which time the ultraviolet ray is low and the sun is soft.

A glass of water: In the cold and open autumn and winter seasons, people eat well, wear thick clothes, live warm, and have little activity.

The accumulated heat in the body can not be properly distributed, and the symptoms of fever often occur.

At this time, drinking some cold boiled water has a good “fire suppression” effect.

Eat one dish: In order to prevent heat accumulation in the body, fresh vegetables must be light and elegant in the spring diet.

You can choose seasonal vegetables appropriately, such as shepherd’s purse, celery, lettuce, etc.

The supplement of protein can be replaced by plant protein such as bean curd and bean sprout.

Turn your eyes: it can protect your eyes.

Spring eye disease is the easiest to attack.

The more convenient and effective health care method is “blink”, or turn your eyes clockwise and counterclockwise.