How many kilometers is suitable for cycling exercise? Experience of cyclists, with age-intensity exercise heart rate comparison table

Source: Dynamic, lightning and flat specialized bicycle 2023-02-16 Scientific statement: According to your physical fitness, you can decide to ride a novice bike: 5-10 km (10 km/h), regular exercise: 10-20 km, veteran cyclist: mid-way cycling within 30 km: 30-50 km, long-distance cycling: cycling above 100 km.

First of all, we should recognize its definition: “cycling sports”.

So riding is also divided into leisure riding and competitive riding.

Most of us are not professional, so it is unnecessary to compete with professional riders.

As ordinary people, if we choose to ride in small kilometers and insist on it every day, we can already achieve the goal of physical fitness.

Cycling can also be just a way to commute, or it can be a good way for the whole family to ride around the wetland park to cultivate feelings.

Cycling should not be defined, and how much cycling exercise can not be generalized.

If I like it, I can travel 10 kilometers a day.

I’m not happy.

I travel 2 kilometers a day.

Who can define me? Of course, if you are willing to exercise, you can ride 10-25 kilometers within 2 hours every day.

Slow speed can reach the scope of aerobic exercise.

If you really take cycling as a belief, you can’t be satisfied if you don’t ride 30 kilometers every day.

It doesn’t matter.

Just stick to it.

However, when you find that your body function can’t keep up with the wear and tear of your riding, please stop and have a rest.

Exercise should also combine work and rest.

Otherwise, your physical strength will not be able to maintain your normal work the next day, which will waste your work efficiency.

Riding is not important.

It’s troublesome to lose your job.

Of course, there are some riding friends who have been well nourished and well off since childhood.

For them, riding is only a very daily sport.

They need expensive equipment and spend a lot of time to build themselves, so as to make themselves happy physically and mentally.

Weight loss crowd: Remember to start slowly for about 2-5 minutes, and then continue to ride for 30 minutes to achieve the weight loss effect.

The last point is very important.

All cyclists who like sports must pay attention to their heart rate information.

Only when they can achieve aerobic cycling can they really achieve the effect of exercise.

To control the heart rate between 65% and 85% of the maximum heart rate, the speed of riding an ordinary bicycle should be within 15 km/h.

For physical exercise, please focus on spring and autumn, neither hot nor cold.

Remember to protect yourself from sun in summer, and avoid riding in cold time in winter.

Ordinary cyclists can ride for about 2 hours a day, while depth enthusiasts can ride for less than 5 hours.

Above, please check and fill in the gaps~Come on, go cycling together! Finish.