Go cycling at Qingming Festival. You deserve these 20 bicycle accessories

It is estimated that there are many station friends who plan to go cycling during the Qingming long holiday.

Puxiang’s little friend originally made an appointment to go cycling to Chongming Island, but was later scared off by the mid-rain forecast for two days.

Although the ride is yellow, for this ride, Xiao Bian has sorted out a lot of interesting accessories, and these 20 pieces are definitely worth owning by all knights.

The bicycle helmet Overade designed by French designer Patrick Jouffret and engineer Philippe Arrouart can be folded apart from providing the most basic safety protection function, Convenient to carry foldable Carrera helmet with both safety and fashion.

Foldable material uses buckle wrap-around belt to fix the foldable bicycle helmet designed by designer Michael Rose.

The honeycomb part in the middle of the helmet can be freely expanded to the appropriate size.

The eyewear reality enhanced external device introduced by Garmin, the industry giant of GPS cycling code table, VariaVision can be installed in various riding goggles The bicycle mobile phone bracket on the mirror leg of the sports glasses is very windy and clear.

It will rain and rain in many places.

It is perfect to do a good job in the bracket with a protective cover.

The two-in-one bicycle camera lens safety light Fly6, which is installed under the bicycle seat, can continuously shoot 6 hours of 720p short films.

Another Fly12, which is installed on the handlebar, can provide 200 lumens of lighting and 5 hours of 1080p automatic cycle video.

The foldable car lock is also very easy to collect With its unique clamping design, TopeakiGlow is the first lock that allows cyclists to “wear” and walk.

A five-color LED light bulb is built into the riding water bottle, which can provide 360-degree illumination.

Take it to the night.

Super cool MONO pocket inflator.

Despite its small size and pumping effect, it is still good.

What should I do when I encounter a flat tire? Patchnride can provide a portable tyre repair essential for long-distance riding SmartHalo bicycle navigation equipment can provide the navigation service provided by SmartHalo after the user sets the destination on the mobile phone map through the color arc prompt.

The Tracer360 luminous vest can ensure the safety of the night walker.

The steering light specially designed for bicycles WingLights does not need to rely on gestures.

Of course, if you are used to gesture, you have a pair of hands with steering indicators The Zackees glove designed by Zach Vorhies, a former Google software engineer, will light up as long as the thumb and forefinger touch.

The portable multifunctional tool of WOKit can be carried by riders.

When using the ZoneDPMX power meter, you only need to bind the sensor between the lock shoe and the lock plate to measure the power and tread frequency.

It can also monitor the efficiency and smoothness of the driver’s treading.

With it, you can use the Bluetooth speaker TurtleShell, The above 20 products can be enjoyed all the way.

Except for some crowdfunding products on kickstarter and indiegogo, most of them can be found on Amazon in the United States.

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