Didn’t you see enough of the handsome boys and girls at the cycling scene yesterday? Look at them, please give me your thumbs up!

On the first day of the holiday, more than 1000 people gathered in front of Xinba Electric Industrial Products City just to rush to a “green riding” away from the hustle and bustle.

Looking at this bustling live activity, we can imagine how hot it is.

I don’t know carefully whether you find that there are busy “little yellow hats” in the crowd.

Such a successful activity can’t be separated from the support of volunteers.

Now we will follow Xiaobian to reveal this group of mysterious “little yellow hats” Before the event, we held many preparatory meetings to clarify the division of labor and responsibilities, and strive to put each detail into practice.

The responsibilities are put in place.

Volunteers can use their spare time to work overtime to make “identity cards” for the registered cyclists by hand.

All of us work together! In order to ensure the convenience and speed of the cyclists to pick up their bikes at the scene, the volunteers came to the scene one day in advance to tidy up their bikes and tie the “green riding red heritage” sign on them.

The ceremony feeling before the volunteers came to the scene early in the morning to work is of course indispensable! The bicycle collection team is making the final preparations to wipe the dust off the seats and insert small red flags to make the riders feel beautiful.

It is not their style.

Time is almost up to the platoon station to guide the riders to return the bike quickly.

The general service team should also be responsible for guidance, coordination, and filling in the “Public Welfare Cycling Certificate”, issuing and checking the cycling bracelet and filling in the certificate against the “ID card” Don’t fret.

Of course, there are still some physical work to be handed over to gay men.

After the announcement of the start of cycling, Put down the banners to release and prevent people from crowding and ensure the safety of the activity.

The route guide group is the “human navigation” route guide group for cyclists along the route.

The volunteers of the guide group step on the familiar position and the road conditions one day in advance.

The general riding route is 10.5 kilometers deep, and the riding route is 13.8 kilometers deep.

The fast cyclists have completed the deep riding route in more than ten minutes.

Thanks to the patience and guidance of the people with red flags all the way, they braved the scorching sun to warm their hearts! “The safety of thousands of roads is the first!” At the intersection of traffic lights, the traffic police and special police officers command the traffic order and feel safe! The police gave the sense of security of the traffic and the sense of security of the body.

The medical team guarded the punch card team while holding the right of the riders to participate in the lottery while posing as a question and answer host to take a shortcut, The bracelet that can’t answer the question will not be given.

Oh, after the ride, I feel that there is also a heated atmosphere in the interactive game experience area of the physical strength scene.

Fun hoop ▽ Party history education interaction ▽ Fingerboard fun game ▽ The atmosphere is hot, but it is still in order to give the volunteers a compliment! At the end of the event, the volunteers gathered together to sing “No Communist Party, No New China”, the perfect interpretation of the theme of the event, “Green Riding, Red Heritage”, and thank all the workers behind the scenes for their small hearts! Editor | Picture of Tian Haomiao | Sun Yajing, Jiang Dan, Zhou Jing and Heng Yutian Haomiao.