Cycling night statistician: Is Xinfengkou coming?

News surface 1.

Today’s overall trend of the market, which is why the GEM is a bit of a stop.

Today, the gold needle bottomed out and came out of a wave of counter-attack trend.

This wave of GEM adjustment has reached 10%.

Today, the tide continues to approach the lower limit of A-share speculation ChatGPT.

The funds are basically coming out and flowing to other industries, such as photovoltaic and 6G.

In addition, the collective promotion of the Chinese character by analysts is still effective.

Today, the Chinese character is still very strong.


According to the data of Shanghai Iron and Steel Union, the price of some lithium battery materials fell today, the average price of battery grade lithium carbonate fell by 2000 yuan/ton to 3770000 yuan/ton, and the average price of industrial grade lithium carbonate fell by 3000 yuan/ton to 346000 yuan/ton; Nickel beans rose 3500 yuan/ton.

It really falls every day.

I don’t know when it stops.


Tesla reduced the starting price of ModelS/X in the United States, and the current price of ModelS is 89990 dollars (original price is 94990 dollars); The current price of ModelSPlaid is USD 109990 (original price is USD 114990) and the current price of ModelX is USD 99990 (original price is USD 109990); The current price of ModelXPlaid is $109990 (the original price is $11990).

After this wave of price war, it’s hard to say how many new power car manufacturers will be left.


The economic objectives are clear at a glance.

The deficit rate will rise a little to 3% in 2023, the GDP target will be 5%, and the local special debt will reach 3.8 trillion yuan.

It seems that there is nothing particularly unexpected I don’t know what the analysts have been talking about for some time.

On the market, the 6G concept rose sharply, and the Shanghai Composite Index opened high as scheduled.

The high opening range was not large, and finally rose and fell back.

Stimulated by the weekend news, the Chinese prefix continued to maintain its strength, especially the stocks superimposed with recent hot topics were more favored by funds, such as Zhonggong High tech, China Satcom, etc.

superimposed with digital economy, such as Zhongchuan Technology superimposed with military industry, such as Zhongcai Energy Saving superimposed with the the Belt and Road.

Therefore, if you want to participate, try to find individual stocks with hot topics in the near future.

In essence, Chinese stock and AI have a certain seesaw blood-sucking effect.

China Satcom, which has a market value of nearly 80 billion yuan, rose again in the morning.

It has risen sharply in the previous few trading days and even had a limit.

China Satcom has such concepts as the reform of the central enterprise with the Chinese prefix and the 6G communication.

At the “ministerial channel” of the two sessions yesterday, Jin Zhuanglong, the minister of the Ministry of Industry and Technology X, said to comprehensively promote the development of 6G.

On the plate, Benchuan Intelligent rose by more than 14%, Sega Technology and Shenglu Communication rose by the limit, and Xinwei Communication and Jinxinnuo rose sharply.

Today’s artificial intelligence is less than expected.

Huamai Technology closed the limit, and the main board of Huamai Technology raised the limit for five consecutive trading days.

On March 3, after Inspur Information opened the limit, the Shanghai Stock Exchange issued a regulatory working letter to Huamai Technology, involving listed companies, directors, supervisors, senior managers, controlling shareholders and actual controllers.

At the same time, the company also predicted the performance loss in 2022 and the shareholders’ reduction.

After the continuous rise and limit, the company also clarified and reminded the risk.

The three old monster stocks of the concept of artificial intelligence: Hai Tianruisheng, Yun Cong Technology, and Tuerth.

In the afternoon, Yun Cong Technology pulled a wave.

Anyway, today you pull, tomorrow I pull, and recently I pull up and adjust.

This activity is only to maintain the popularity of the theme, not to be cold at once.

From the perspective of technology, the market’s high opening and low moving has actually formed a 5-minute central divergence, and a 15-minute top divergence structure, so there must be a need for adjustment.

However, this adjustment can be seen as a strong adjustment at present, that is, a sideways shock to repair the index.

At present, the 5-minute central down-track is around 3300 points, and this position can be seen as a strong pattern if it does not fall, The consolidation time should not be too long.

At most, I will choose the direction after 2 trading days.

As long as there is no 3 sales in 5 minutes, I will still be on the opposite side.

Cyclists hope that you can form the good habit of reading and looking good after reading.

If your analysis benefits you, it doesn’t need any return or appreciation from you.

Just hope to forward and share the circle of friends.

Thank you very much!.