[Cycling Dongguan] Cycling youth camp | Set out together in the direction of the wind

Ride — explore your heart, expand your vision, ride on the road, face the wind, and feel free to experience challenges at the end of the journey.

Experience success at the end of the journey is the meaning of riding ▲ Understand the basic knowledge of mountain biking, and learn the safety precautions of riding.

▲ Get out of books, let children come out and experience the fun of riding.

Cycling, while exercising endurance, can also help children understand to stop, and the scenery on the roadside is also beautiful.

▲ Cycling has many benefits for children’s health.

It not only exercises children’s physical fitness, but also strengthens their self-confidence.

Mountain bike has a different structure from ordinary bicycle.

Why is it faster than ordinary bicycle? Why is the weight so light? Why can it walk smoothly in the potholes? We will explore its principle with children.

We also need to communicate when riding.

How can we achieve simple communication? The most important thing for riding is safety.

How to wear protective equipment correctly? We will study these problems together and apply them to practice.

▼ The mountain bike construction camp is equipped with professional mountain bikes and protectors for children to protect their riding safety.

Riding will make you feel very funny, feel the power of the collective, learn and be familiar with professional riding sign language, enhance riding safety, and it is necessary to unify the team members’ understanding and understanding of riding sign language.

Learning to read and use riding sign language can make riding safer and easier.

▼ Safety signal and cycling sign language This cycling camp will adopt a step-by-step mode, which is divided into two stages.

The whole length of the cycling route is 22km.

In the first stage of cycling, the children will carry out cycling training under the guidance of the coach.

At this stage, the speed of cycling will be slowed down, giving the children a time to adapt, so that they can learn to sum up their experience and find out the deficiencies with the guidance of the coach to make changes.

Let children learn to ride the next distance independently.

Songshan Lake, a national 4A scenic spot, has beautiful scenery along the way, lakes and mountains, and there is no car on the greenway, and there is a post station for rest on the way.

Green mountains and clear water, shade of green trees, misty rain and soil of pine lakes and the fragrance of green grass.

Stay away from the hustle and bustle of the downtown and enjoy the tranquility and beauty of the cycling road.

Cycling here will bring a sense of safety and comfort.

Our students will also complete our cycling around the lake here.

The distance is long, which can exercise the endurance and willpower of the students.

You can also enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way while exercising.

Activity details: 9:00-16:30 on February 25 (Saturday Camp) 9:00-16:30 on March 12 (Sunday Camp) 9:00-16:30 on the activity object: teenagers aged 7-12 (independent day camp) need to have a small backpack, two spare masks, about 500ml water cup (full of water before assembly), hats, small bags of paper towels, umbrellas The collection and transfer place of a replacement of clothes is Songshan Lake, Dongguan.

The activity cost is 368 yuan per group of three or more people.

The activity cost is 338 yuan per person.

The service fee for the whole course teachers and professional outdoor coaches, including the insurance fee, the activity venue fee, the lunch fee, the car fee, etc.

during the activity; Precautions 1.

The trainees need to have strong endurance, and the whole ride route is 22km; 2.

Students over 7 years old should be able to ride bicycles; 3.

Do not act without permission, leave the team at will, or carry out other projects not arranged without permission; 4.

You should wear loose and comfortable sports pants, sandals or quick-drying shoes when participating in the course, and you should not wear jeans and skirts to avoid affecting children’s actions; 5.

Those who have a history of heart disease, respiratory system disease, skin disease and other infectious diseases or are not suitable for outdoor sports, and who have recovered from major surgery, fracture and other diseases within half a year are not recommended to participate in the course; 6.

If you have a medical history, diet taboos, etc., especially prominent diseases, allergies, etc., you should actively inform the staff when you register.

Activity registration and consultation Scan the QR code below to consult the registration experts, so that children can return to nature, return to the earth, and release the original innocence.

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