When riding Xiaobai, do you choose a curved handle road car or a flat handle road car?

Whether you choose a curved or flat handle road vehicle depends on your actual needs and physical conditions.

If you ride more to exercise and enjoy the feeling of high-speed, the curved handle road car will be more suitable for you.

If the purpose of riding is for leisure and commuting, then the Pingba road car is a better choice.

In addition, if the cervical spine and lumbar spine are not very good, it is also recommended to choose a flat handle road vehicle.

The road bike with curved handle is also the road bike in our first impression – the tall frame, thin tires and the forward curved handle shaped like a sheep horn.

In the professional field, the curve handle road car is also called a large group car, which is used to carry out a large group race in which all drivers start at the same time (as opposed to the individual / group time trial race in which each driver or team starts independently one after another).

The name of the curved handle road vehicle comes from its forward curved handle – this sheep horn shaped handle enables the driver to ride with different grip positions, and can obtain the best riding posture at different stages of cruising, climbing, sprinting and so on, so as to achieve better results.

It can be said that the curved road car was born because of racing.

As the name suggests, the flat handle road vehicle is a road vehicle with a straight handle similar to a mountain bike.

Compared with the curved handle road vehicle, the flat handle road vehicle has better comfort and easy handling.

However, due to the lack of a variety of grip postures, the flat handle road vehicle is less than the curved handle road vehicle in terms of sports ability and extreme speed.

Of course, Ping can actually ride a highway car very fast.

Most people use road vehicles for leisure and commuting in cities.

In terms of frame angle and configuration design, many flat handlebar road vehicles take into account the portability of road vehicles and the comfort and ease of handling of mountain vehicles.

It can be said that it is one of the most comfortable models in urban cycling…