When riding, effective solutions to these 15 kinds of injuries!

Bicycle is the most successful means of transportation invented by human beings.

With bicycle, people can go further, and the world seems to be much larger all at once.

Bicycles can take us to see the world, see great rivers and mountains, ride to any place we want to go, challenge ourselves, surpass ourselves, and realize our dreams.


Knee injury cycling is a very ideal exercise for the knee.

Doctors will also recommend people with bad knees to exercise by cycling.

This is because cycling basically does not bear any pressure on the knee.

Under normal circumstances, it will not be impacted by external forces, and its extension range is also within the normal range of activity of the knee.

However, research shows that if riders do not operate properly, their knees will also be injured.

The injury caused by this reason accounts for about 80% of all knee injuries.

The bicycle is completely symmetrical, but the human body is not asymmetrical.

Various differences of the human body (such as different lengths of legs, flat feet, etc.) will be exposed in the process of cycling.

After cycling for two hours, your knees need to be bent about 10000 times.

If your knees feel pain, you can ice your knees, but it is limited to 20 minutes.

Solution: if the pain point is in front of the knee, raise the seat cushion by 2~3mm.

If the pain point is behind the knee, lower the seat cushion by 2~3mm.

Choose a light gear ratio or an easier route so that your rotation can be at least 60 revolutions per minute.

Muscles that are often used alternately in sitting or standing positions when climbing a slope.

Adjust the seat cushion to the appropriate height.

There are generally two methods to determine the height of the seat cushion, one is the span length *0.886, and the other is to sit on the car and step on the seat cushion height with the heel to the lowest point of the foot pedal and just straighten the leg! After knee injury, if you can move, you still need to maintain a reasonable amount of exercise; Don’t use gears with too large transmission speed ratio and hard pedaling; On the self-locking pedal, it can correct your incorrect pedal way and protect your knees; When it is cold, the human body sends blood back to the heart, and the blood circulation at the joints decreases.

We must pay attention to the warmth at the knees! When cycling in cold weather, wear knee pads or ankle length pants! 2.

Low back pain if you haven’t ridden a bike for a long time or are not suitable for cross-country cycling, you may feel low back pain.

Such pain sometimes extends all the way to the legs.

Solution: the more you ride, the stronger the muscles on your back; Abdominal and back muscles support the waist, so pay attention to exercise these parts during training; High quality double shock absorption bicycles also help reduce the pain of the waist.


Neck pain if you stretch your neck for a long time, the muscles on your neck will feel sore.

This happens during cycling.

Solution: check whether the posture of riding is correct.

Stretch your upper body very straight, and then bow your back, which will keep the neck muscles in a tense state! Don’t hold the handlebars too tight, and press down the elbows and shoulders; Relax the whole body to ensure the flexibility of upper body movement.

Often massage the tight neck muscles, or form the habit of using more gentle force.

If the pain is severe, ask a massage doctor for massage or physical therapy, which can alleviate the neck pain.

If the pain persists, you need to find a chiropractor to massage and set the bone.

Be careful not to press the brim of the hat too low.

It will raise your head abnormally and aggravate the muscle tension in the neck.

Wear professional non slip glasses to avoid the same problem as hat brim depression caused by glasses sliding due to sweating.


Skin abrasion skin abrasion is not serious, but capillary damage, blood infiltration into the surrounding muscle tissue.

However, if dust, sand and other foreign matters enter the wound, it will cause wound infection! Solution: erect the abraded place to help prevent bleeding.

The wound needs to be cleaned with a brush.

In order to keep the wound clean, wear loose clothes.

Strengthen the dose and inject tetanus vaccine.


When skin inflammation occurs, riders will feel very uncomfortable.

The inflamed places are usually the groin, inner thigh, nipple, foot and neck! Solution: pay attention to personal hygiene, keep the medicine box clean, and carry out antibacterial treatment on the body and clothes in time.

Before departure, wipe the easily inflamed parts with vaseline and tea tree oil for lubrication and protective treatment.

If the weather is warmer, wear thinner and looser clothes.


Sunburn sunburn is a common term that refers to skin damage and inflammation caused by prolonged exposure to ultraviolet light.

After sunburn, the skin first blushes, bursts, and then peels, sometimes accompanied by burning, itching, and even blisters! Solution: apply sunscreen on the face, nose, arms, arms, neck, ears, exposed legs and other parts.

The tissue at the scar is very sensitive to sunlight.

If there is a scar, please cover it with clothes and other things.

Wear leg and arm covers on your legs and arms.

Calamine liquid and ice can help alleviate sunburn.

Adhere to the use of good quality lotion to alleviate symptoms and keep the sunburned parts moist.


Acne acne is a kind of abscess, which is very painful.

It mostly occurs between legs.

It is developed from the damage of the skin epidermis caused by the friction and extrusion between the skin and the seat cushion.

Sometimes it is caused by endogenous hair.

These acne are easy to fester after being infected by sweat, so it is impossible to ride a bike within oneortwo days after acne appears! Treatment: buy high-quality cycling shorts.

After riding, take off your sweat soaked shorts and change into clean and dry clothes immediately after taking a shower.

If you have acne, when the acne matures, cut it open, squeeze out the pus, and then disinfect it.

At the same time, remove the hairs on the infected part with hot wax to prevent acne from worsening..