When I talk about riding, what do I talk about

Hello, everyone.

I’m Komatsu, a migrant worker in scientific research.

I’m a pretty boy who works in Colleges and universities.

I’m also a cyclist.

So far, Komatsu has cycled around Hainan Island and Qinghai Lake, with a total mileage of more than 10000 kilometers.

He can be regarded as a senior cyclist.

Today, Komatsu wants to share with you his riding experience over the years and the changes brought by riding.

Unwilling to take a car, he decided to go to and from school by bike.

His first long-distance ride was to fly around Hainan Island.

He met the beautiful bay and rode around Qinghai Lake to challenge the plateau climate.


unwilling to take a car, he decided to go to and from school by bike.

Komatsu learned to ride a bike very early.

Before going to primary school, my father pushed back an old bike from my grandmother’s house and taught me and my sister to ride a bike at the door of my home.

I learned it quickly.

When I was in primary school, because I was young, my family was worried that cycling was unsafe, so I kept walking to school.

In junior high school, my parents didn’t restrict me any more.

The school is 2-3 kilometers away from home and can go home for dinner at noon, so I ride back and forth twice a day.

When I get to high school, I have a holiday every two weeks.

The county seat is 12 kilometers away from home.

All students choose to take the shuttle bus back and forth.

Due to serious carsickness, Komatsu still chose to ride home.

The road was just being renovated and was full of potholes.

The car drove by, filled with dust on sunny days and splashed with mud on rainy days, but it still didn’t dampen my enthusiasm for cycling.

Whenever the weekend is off, the students rush to the station.

Komatsu runs to the shed alone, pushes his bike back, and smiles with complacency.

For Komatsu, cycling can not only get rid of the bad smell of gasoline and crowded carriages, but also enjoy a rare freedom.

This freedom comes from the control of the journey.

I can control the speed of riding, choose the road I pass, or stop at any time to have a rest.

All this time, I belong to myself, not anyone else.

2、 My first long-distance ride to college was the beginning of my long-distance ride.

When I first entered school, I met a senior who drove around the school after graduation.

Under his influence, he bought the first mountain bike in his life – xidsheng 800, and stepped into the pit of long-distance cycling from then on.

During my freshman winter vacation, I temporarily decided to ride home.

The school is 120 kilometers away from home, separated by a mountain range and more than ten kilometers of climbing.

At that time, Komatsu had no concept of long-distance cycling.

He took some snacks and water and went on the road.

As a result, Komatsu experienced two flat tires on the road, seriously delaying his trip.

The sun is setting, and Komatsu is still climbing the mountain road.

He can’t see the end.

The night was getting darker and darker, and the mountains were foggy and cooled down.

Komatsu didn’t prepare clothes to keep out the cold, and his body began to freeze.

There was no flashlight in the car.

I rode forward bit by bit with the light of my mobile phone.

At more than 7 pm, Komatsu arrived in a nearby town and found a hotel to stay.

After two mouthfuls of rice and a hot bath, he fell asleep.

This bumpy journey did not dissuade me, but inspired Komatsu’s love for cycling.

Since then, Komatsu met a group of cycling partners at school and founded the Cycling Association.

With the blessing of the community, Komatsu is more free on the road.

Riding on cross-country mountain roads early in the morning, watching fireworks performances for hundreds of kilometers back and forth, going to ancient villages to see Millennium ginkgo under the scorching sun, walking on street lamps to soak feet and massage in hot spring ancient town…

That was the happiest time of Komatsu University.

There are warm-blooded passion, sincere friendship and green love.

These fragments constitute the most gorgeous chapter in my youth.

3、 Riding around Hainan Island meets beautiful bay.

During the sophomore winter vacation, Komatsu and his friends form a team to ride around Hainan Island.

A circle of more than 800 kilometers around Hainan Island is divided into east line and west line.

The east line starts from Haikou in the north and passes through Wenchang, Qionghai, Wanning and Lingshui to Sanya.

The total length is about 420 kilometers.

The development is relatively perfect and there are many tourist attractions.

The west line starts from Haikou in the north and passes through Danzhou, Changjiang, Dongfang and Yacheng to Sanya.

With a total length of about 450 kilometers, it is desolate and better preserves the original style of Hainan Island.

Komatsu and his friends choose to start from the west line and ride 80-100 kilometers every day.

Along the way, I drove fast and climbed the slope; I have experienced the beautiful weather and wind, as well as the combination of wind and rain.

The eyes are full of scenery.

When Komatsu first saw the sea, he was overjoyed and became numb later, because many sections rode along the coastline.

However, when I arrived in Sanya, I was still amazed by the beaches of Sanya Bay.

The sand there is clean and delicate.

It’s very comfortable to step on it.

Many couples take wedding photos there.

At that time, Komatsu had a limited budget and lived in a multi person riding post station, 30-40 yuan per night.

Basically, all the people who check in are cyclists who come to Hainan Island.

It’s fun to drink tea and chat together at night.

As for the delicious food, except coconut and refreshing, the rest didn’t leave much impression.

It’s a few home-made dishes at a friend’s house, with endless aftertaste.

After so many years, the scenery of Hainan island still remains in my mind.

When there are children in the future, take TA there again.

4、 Qinghai Lake cycling challenges the plateau climate.

In June 2020, the online defense ended.

At this time, Komatsu had been at home for more than five months and decided to go out for a walk.

Komatsu first ran to a friend’s house in Shanghai for more than a week, and then flew from Pudong airport to Xining caojiabao airport for a one-man appointment.

Why do you say that? Because Komatsu always wanted to ride the 318 Sichuan Tibet line when he was in University, but he didn’t have the courage to start.

Finally, he retreated and chose Qinghai Lake.

Cycling around Qinghai Lake for 360 kilometers is half less than that of Hainan Island.

However, Qinghai Lake area belongs to plateau, with an altitude of 3196 meters; Moreover, the local climate is changeable, the temperature difference between day and night is large, and the riding difficulty is much higher than that of Hainan Island.

Komatsu signed up for a four-day cycling group.

To tell the truth, this is Komatsu’s first time with the group.

There are 20-30 people in the group..