What amazing changes will we bring if we persist in cycling?

1、 External: 1.

Appearance and dress: basically, long-distance cycling trips will make people black and thin.

What most people see is to become like a tramp (countless comparisons on the Internet).

But in fact, as long as you are diligent in taking care of it, riding a bike will make people look better and feel cool.

This is the case with many European and American cyclists.

After a long ride, they become black and thin, but they are dressed very clean and capable.

So, don’t give up the treatment.

Who says riding should give up the treatment! 2.

Physical strength and physique: long-term heavy riding during cycling will make you thinner, but it is thin.

Every time I feel that I have lost a lot of weight, but my weight has not decreased, which naturally means that my muscle content has increased.

With the increase of riding length, you will feel more relaxed, and your physical strength will increase significantly.

The original difficult terrain will become simpler and simpler.

Accordingly, your energy and physique will also become stronger.


Resistance and adaptability: in the process of riding, you will always suffer from various harsh environments, such as the sun exposure, high-altitude cold rain, strong winds, and so on.

If you go camping, you will also experience all kinds of unexpected weather changes, followed by tents ravaged by the external environment and changes in temperature.

Therefore, with the deepening of the riding journey, you will have a stronger resistance to the changes of the external environment, and your adaptability will become stronger and stronger.

I belong to now.

I can sleep in any environment, and can tolerate the changes of large temperature differences.

In a certain range, I am more afraid of heat and cold than the people around me.

At the same time, I have strong hunger resistance.


Bicycle travel skills: maintenance and debugging will be faster and faster.

It doesn’t need water to mend a tire, and it can be done in a few minutes at the fastest! Camping can quickly make judgments according to the terrain and environment.

Cooking outdoors and carrying and sorting equipment are becoming more and more skilled.

Sometimes you can even judge where to go according to the wind direction and the sun.

You can reach the place you want to go without positioning (paper map is enough).

Know your own situation better, and you can maintain a relatively fixed stepping frequency even in different terrain.

With the accumulation of experience, I know the correct riding posture and how to better protect my body, such as how to relieve egg pain, buttock pain, all kinds of pain and so on.


In depth understanding: as long as you insist on doing anything, you will go from ignorance to in-depth understanding, and even become a senior person in this field with your thirst for knowledge.

And as your love for a thing continues to rise, you will also want to study it more deeply, and then step by step to a higher direction, and summarize a set of methods suitable for yourself.

At first, I didn’t know anything about cycling.

I just prepared things through strategies.

With my in-depth study, I summed up a set of my own ways.

It applies to me, but it may not apply to everyone.

Of course, I also get to know it step by step in the process of cycling travel, and then increase my load again and again, coupled with constant trial and error, before I can enjoy cycling travel better.

2、 Inner: 1.

Learn to be grateful: in the process of cycling, you will receive selfless help from many people.

Slowly, you will find yourself surrounded by countless love, feel the most genuine kindness in the world, and be full of kindness to the world.

A glass of water, a cheer, and a word of encouragement will make you grateful and become your motivation.


Contentment: for the hard cyclists who camp and cook, as long as they experience long enough, they will basically encounter any environment and conditions.

You have to endure violent storms, extreme heat and cold, thirst and hunger, and so on.

I haven’t taken a bath for half a month at most (I can only wipe and change clothes).

You don’t care if the food in some places is particularly dirty, so the pursuit of material will not be so high.

As long as you don’t starve to death and can do what you like, you are basically satisfied.


Know how to think: cycling is not always interesting, or beautiful scenery.

Maybe you will be very excited when you see the Gobi for the first time, but if you are allowed to ride for half a month, I think you should add two words to become “spicy next door”! So when you are bored, you will be in a daze.

After being in a daze, you will think about all kinds of messy things.

If you want to play with messy things, you will start thinking, thinking about all the things you encounter, and talking with yourself, so as to get some thoughtful answers.


Become confident: when you insist on doing something you like, you will become more confident when you reach a set goal in your heart or solve many difficulties you encounter.

People who have had some experience are often confident.

I think this is the root of self-confidence.

Although your actual experience is of no use to the outside world, your own firmness and self-confidence from the things you have experienced will emanate from the inside out! 5.

Don’t be afraid of sudden difficulties and challenges: at the beginning, you will worry about what bad things happen during the journey, such as what dangers you encounter, or fear to communicate with strangers.

But as you ride longer, you will encounter many unexpected things, which may be good or bad.

But when you have enough experience, you will not escape and fear, and you will calmly accept these difficulties and challenges, because you know that new things will always happen, and there will always be solutions.

Accept it when it happens, solve the problem, and then expect more unknowns.


More afraid of death, know to be responsible for life: at the beginning of bicycle travel, I rode the Sichuan Tibet line and China Nepal highway for 12 years.

At that time, I was young and energetic, and it was not empty to speed downhill, and I also raced with my riders on the road.

But as I traveled by bike again and again, I began to die more and more..