Three reasons why you must go to Shennongjia to ride on the sea of stars for the third time

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At 2:30 a.m., a loud alarm clock woke her up from her sleep.

She rubbed her eyes, got up, combed and washed, made breakfast, washed clothes, washed dishes…

Turned off the light that her husband had inadvertently turned on all night, and cleaned up the messy living room where her son was painting before going to bed.

From the details of her busy life, she is a wife and the mother of a child.

At 3:30 a.m., she turned on her mobile phone, contacted the driver, quickly shouldered two heavy backpacks, and then carried a woven bag containing thick clothes.

Finally, she greeted her family in her sleep, and walked out of this place where she stayed the longest on weekdays when the sky was dark and quiet.

The moment the door was closed, it meant that her journey alone officially began.

At 4:15 a.m., there were long queues in the waiting hall of Guangzhou Baiyun Airport.

The epidemic, which has been stabilized by the power of the whole country, has rekindled people’s hope of travel, and the air exudes a faint hope.

In the dark crowd, no one cares.

This 30+ woman who is plain dressed, looks ordinary, and carries two bulging bags in front and back.

No one knows where she is going, what she is going to do, and what efforts she has made for this journey.

But the woman is very clear in her heart that she wants to go to the sea of stars.

This is the third time that she went to the same place, which gave her a second life.

When it comes to traveling or studying outside, you will encounter a dilemma at different ages.

If you are a student, the biggest advantage is that you have enough winter and summer vacation time, but because you are still studying, you haven’t started to make money with all your strength.

Therefore, the cost of travel or study is the biggest problem in front of you.

If you are an office worker, you already have the ability to pay for the journey or study, but it is difficult to get enough time, so it is also difficult to make a trip.

If you are already a person with a job and children, it is even more difficult to go out.

It is very, very difficult to buy time from work or taking care of children.

Therefore, why can this woman with a job and children always have a journey of leaving at will? Whenever someone asked her this way, she said, “I just had an idea and won it.”.

Of course, the price behind it is not small, but she is willing to bear it.

How did she do what she said and walk away? “Where is the sea of stars you are going to?” In Hubei, Shennongjia, a place where immortals live.

“What are you doing there?” Go cycling, ride along the winding mountain road, feel the breath in the uphill and downhill, fly yourself, sing with insects and birds, dance with plants and trees, and be with the mountains and forests.

“It’s almost enough for ordinary people to go to one place to play.

After all, there are so many interesting places and their time and energy are limited.

Why do you go here one after another?” Shennongjia gives me a very special feeling.

The mountains here are particularly spiritual, especially comfortable to stay, comfortable, open-minded and relaxed.

In addition, the partners in the industry are excellent, and I can learn a lot from them.

In addition to riding a bike, I also want to link with cattle people, ancient sages and sages, upgrade my cognition and expand my pattern.

I’m not going to travel purely.

I’m going to meet better myself, gain and grow.

I think this is the real sightseeing.

“What is the biggest surprise this place brings you?” Last time I went there, I was not hungry after riding for a whole day, because heaven and earth were full of aura, and I was full of it, haha.

I ate very little in those days, but my spirit was very good.

After weighing, I found that I lost 7 Jin.

It was incredible! “Isn’t it very tiring to ride on mountain roads? Some slopes are very steep, which is a great physical challenge.” No, this is my third time.

The first two experiences are very good, very relaxed, very happy, and enjoy it.

I don’t want to stop riding at the back.

As long as I can ride, anyone can ride.

“Many people are afraid when they see the winding mountain roads.

Aren’t you afraid?” I’m not afraid.

Most of the time, we scare ourselves.

We feel terrible and difficult.

In fact, we are very focused on riding.

We only stare at the place 1 meter in front of us.

It’s wonderful to ride around the world and only feel alone.

At the same time, people are in a high state of awareness, which is very safe.

Our bodies are smarter than our minds.

“Does the addition of the word ‘meditation cycling’ in front of cycling mean that it is different from ordinary cycling?” Yes, general cycling activities focus on challenging the limits.

The pace is very fast, and the daily cycling task is also very heavy.

Ordinary people are really hard to adhere to.

But the kind of cycling I participated in was different.

Senior brother Zhiyuan, the initiator of the activity, said that meditation refers to “meditating for a while and taking a rest”.

As long as you simply master the method of cycling, and then cooperate with breathing, move forward slowly step by step, without any pressure, it’s very easy.

Therefore, different from general cycling activities, this is not an activity that deliberately challenges and consumes physical strength, but focuses on attention by cycling, improves energy in the process of concentration, extreme concentration and continuous extreme concentration, stimulates internal potential, and even the whole person radiates vigorous vitality.

Some friends who experience well are like Nirvana rebirth.

“What about your work after so many days? Don’t you have to take care of your children?” I asked the leader for leave last year, but the management of the unit was becoming more and more strict, so I didn’t ask successfully.

After thinking twice, I quit my job.

In terms of family, my father-in-law, mother-in-law and my husband are very good.

Every time I tell them I want to come out, they never object.

They silently give me the greatest support – taking care of children..