Sports & Public Welfare – recruit funds to refine public welfare cycling and transmit positive energy!

A drop of water can reflect the glory of the sun, and countless love can warm the world.

On May 28, Zhaojin refined launched a public welfare cycling activity.

More than 30 young volunteers turned into “love riders” and went to the campus in a low-carbon and environmental friendly way to carry out love student activities.

They sent protective clothing, masks, disinfectants and other epidemic prevention materials to Jinling town school, helping Jinling Education resume classes.

Facing the dawn of the morning, the cycling group loaded boxes of epidemic prevention materials into the car, started from the headquarters of Zhaojin refining, and headed west along the urban trunk road to the Shaojia junior high school in Jinling town.

Along the way, we not only enjoyed the beautiful scenery and experienced the fun of sports, but also advocated the green and low-carbon travel mode and the concept of sports and healthy life.

“Cycling is the embodiment of healthy life, and it is also the carrier to spread public welfare and charity and gather forces for good.

The way of sports + public welfare not only promotes environmental protection and love, but also drives more and more people to pay attention to cycling and public welfare, and promotes the formation of good social customs with practical actions.

This is the purpose of our public welfare cycling.” A rider who has participated in the activities for many years expressed his feelings.

Along the way, at the shaoyunhuan monument in Jinling Park, the cycling groups stopped to pay a visit to the tombs of the party’s good journalists.

The riders presented flowers to the monument, reviewed her heroic deeds, and learned from her spirit of being loyal to the cause of the party and fighting tenaciously for the motherland and the people.

After an hour of cycling, in front of the teaching and staff office building of Shaojia junior middle school in Jinling Town, the staff of Zhaojin refining and the school representatives in Jinling town held a love student donation ceremony.

On behalf of Zhaojin refining, the cycling delegation donated a batch of epidemic prevention materials to Jinling town school to help the school’s epidemic prevention and control with love and practical actions.

The more dangerous the time, the more obvious the responsibility.

The staff of Jinling town were greatly encouraged by the love and student aid behavior of recruiting funds, which greatly helped Jinling school to resume classes in time.

In the recent epidemic in Zhaoyuan, the volunteers of Zhaojin refining moved at the command, and their retrograde efforts helped Jinling achieve a major victory in the anti epidemic and defense war.

Many good deeds have created a strong friendship between Jinling town and Zhaojin refining.

Over the years, Zhaojin refining has actively engaged in social public welfare and service activities for the people, continued to consolidate and deepen the results of party history learning and education, promoted the normalization of “I do practical things for the masses”, practiced the enterprise’s due mission and responsibility with practical actions, and delivered social positive energy!..