Riding makes us better

Speaking of cycling, some people think it is a way of walking, a leisure sport and entertainment.

But those who love cycling know that it’s not that simple.

Every time you step on a bike and go out, every time you ride on the road, it tests not only your body, but also your brain.

You need to make all kinds of preparations to deal with all kinds of situations.

Riding has improved our ability and made us better.

1 know your ability boundary and break it.

After riding for a long time, you will know your ability.

You can roughly estimate your riding speed and distance before each departure, so as to plan the corresponding journey.

If you like stunts and cross-country, you know what actions you can’t do and what road conditions you can’t ride.

Have a clear understanding of yourself, not to limit yourself, but to break through yourself on the premise of ensuring safety.

The boundary of ability is used to break.

Only in this way can we move forward.


Long term goals and silent efforts.

Although there are boundaries in our ability, this is not the reason for our complacency.

In fact, most riders underestimate their abilities and want to challenge the Sichuan Tibet line and see the scenery they have never seen, but they are afraid to take action.

They always worry too much and think they can’t do it.

Riding is never a difficult task.

You just need to step on your left and right feet alternately.

No matter where you want to ride, the first thing to do is to get on your bike and start.

The long-term goal, as long as you work silently, will arrive one day.

Trust me, this day won’t be long.


Give full play to the performance of equipment and their own ability.

If workers want to do well, they must first sharpen their tools.

You can buy a better bike within your tolerance, but it is more important to maximize the performance of your car.

Everyone’s physical conditions and needs are different.

What you have to do is to buy a car suitable for yourself without being affected by others.

In the process of continuous running in, understand the overall performance, advantages and disadvantages of the car, combine them with their own abilities, develop their strengths and avoid their weaknesses, so as to wield the maximum power, break through the original boundaries and ride faster and farther.

4 improve our skills and think carefully.

Most of the time, we ride on the road alone and have to face all kinds of situations alone.

A perfect ride needs to consider many factors, such as route, weather, supplies, road conditions, accommodation and so on.

When the tire is punctured and the chain is broken on the road, you need to have the skill of repairing the car; The use of steep roads and rolling boards requires professional knowledge; To see the flowing clouds in the sky and feel the wind speed, it is necessary to judge whether there is rain, snow and hail ahead in combination with geographical knowledge; When there are many vehicles and people on the road, you need to understand the traffic tips of other vehicles and pedestrians; When riding with riders, you must also learn some riding gestures and cooperate with each other.

A perfect ride is a double test of physical and mental strength.


Learn medical knowledge and improve emergency handling ability.

When you accidentally collide, fall, or encounter other people’s traffic accidents, are you at a loss? Therefore, every rider should learn some necessary medical knowledge.

When you go out for a ride, always keep a medical bag with Iodophor, cotton swabs, gauze, band aids, traumatic liquid medicine and other drugs.

You also need to learn some first aid knowledge and accurately identify some symptoms.

In this way, our riding will be safer and easier.

6 abide by traffic regulations and protect yourself.

If you ride in urban sections, you should not only abide by traffic rules, but also watch and listen to all directions, and judge incoming cars and pedestrians in all directions.

You need to know all kinds of traffic signs, the braking distance of different motor vehicles, the blind area of large trucks and so on.

Don’t try to challenge the rules.

Learn to use the laws and regulations to protect your safety.

Riding is like life, a lonely and lively journey.

On the road, a person is a team.

People riding alone need strong ability support.

Continuous riding is constantly strengthening their ability.

Riding makes us better and love life more.

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