Riding is accompanied by helmets and safety is guaranteed – warm tips for Huacui kindergarten to wear safety helmets

Riding with helmets ensures safety, strengthen safety awareness / improve safety literacy I.

why wear safety helmets? As a means of transportation for short distance travel, electric vehicles are convenient and energy-saving, and are deeply favored.

However, due to the weak awareness of traffic safety of some riders, traffic violations occur from time to time, resulting in frequent traffic accidents involving electric vehicles.

According to statistics, most of the deaths in electric vehicle traffic accidents are due to the failure to wear safety helmets or the failure of safety helmets to play their due protective role, resulting in head injury and heavy losses to the lives and property of many families.

2、 How to travel safely? I.

consciously wear safety helmets when traveling.

When riding an electric vehicle, you must consciously wear safety helmets to improve your self-protection ability.

Second, when buying helmets, don’t be greedy for small and cheap.

When buying helmets, don’t be greedy for cheap.

Be sure to buy helmets that have passed the inspection.


advise others to wear safety helmets.

Actively advise nearby electric bicycle drivers and passengers to wear safety helmets when traveling.


abide by traffic laws and regulations in daily travel.

We should consciously learn the knowledge of road traffic safety laws and regulations, know and abide by the law, and consciously develop the habit of civilized travel.

Wear a helmet and travel safely.

A small helmet has great significance.

Our kindergarten will continue to advocate that teachers, children and parents continue to enhance safety awareness, remind each other and learn from each other.

At the same time, the kindergarten will greatly convey the awareness of safe travel with helmets to the surrounding communities and parents, create a safe, orderly, harmonious and beautiful campus environment and surrounding environment, and contribute to a safe campus.

There is only one life.

Traffic safety is related to the happiness of every family.

Let’s work together to create a safe, orderly, green and civilized traffic environment! Huacui kindergarten is built by Wenhui education group with strong strength and focusing on preschool education and art education for 20 years.

At present, there are dozens of medium and high-end kindergartens in China.

Huacui kindergarten is a high-end international kindergarten, It is configured according to the provincial standard, covering an area of 4000 square meters.

Relying on the group’s high-quality teaching level, professional teacher team and rich school running experience, Huacui kindergarten introduces the world’s best education model to cultivate children’s self-confidence and healthy personality.

Zhangmutou theme education and teaching kindergarten extends the class theme environment to the curriculum in combination with the five fields of language, health, science, society and art, so as to enrich the theme learning content.

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Submit copies.

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Admission inspection certificate.


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8 inch photos of children.

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