Riding for 1 hour, I gained 9 life insights

At the weekend, a friend sent a wechat and asked, what are you doing recently! Reply: I didn’t go anywhere.

I stayed at home! Friends said that such a good time, staying at home, a little waste of good time Oh! We should often go out for a walk and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Think about it.

For a long time, I didn’t go out for a stroll during the day.

I occasionally go out for a stroll at night.

It’s almost 10 o’clock in the morning.

I ride my bike to the nearby park.

In fact, I ride and go at night.

I seldom go during the day.

Alone, I feel very relaxed.

I rode for an hour and gained 9 beautiful insights! The tall buildings and streets under the blue sky and white clouds haven’t had such a relaxed attitude for a long time.

Riding on the road, the weather is good.

The tall buildings and streets under the blue sky and white clouds feel a little quiet.

There is no noise at night and no flashing neon lights.

Although the streets are the same as high-rise buildings, they are still a little quieter than at night.

Suddenly I understand why most people like to come out at night! Life is like this.

Work hard during the day and enjoy it at night.


The mature rape on the roadside just arrived on a road in the park and found that there were rapeseed harvested by local old people nearby.

The time is really fast! Think of the Spring Festival home or winter, some time ago to accompany friends to climb the mountain, also went to see the rape flower.

I don’t think now that rape has matured and started harvesting, spring is over and summer is coming.

Rape flowers are blooming and mature again.

What about yourself? What is the harvest? With a little emotion, time has never waited for anyone.

In front of time, everyone is abandoned.

3 couples taking wedding photos in the park rode to the entrance of the park and saw a large group of people surrounded by the rockery.

Look carefully, it’s a pair of young people taking wedding photos.

It’s nice of young people.

Taking wedding photos is a person’s happiest moment.

In every corner of the world, there are people living happily.

Look at the beauty and happiness of others, and you can also be infected with some happiness! The world is beautiful and life is full of hope.

Everyone is working hard to manage their own happiness! 4 children’s innocent smile.

The weather is not too hot.

There are quite a lot of people in the park.

Many are adults and children.

They enjoy the beauty of nature and breathe fresh air! I saw a three-year-old girl riding a skateboard with a smile on her face.

I can’t help but give the children a smile.

I feel really good.

The child’s smile is the most contagious.

Thank you, children, for making me smile once today! 5.

After walking a section of the road that I haven’t walked, I saw a road next to me that I’ve never walked.

I decided to ride over and have a look.

Anyway, I’m playing and there’s nothing else.

When I ride a road I’ve never traveled before, I feel very comfortable and full of curiosity and excitement.

Fun can be gained from walking a long way! If you can walk a different road, read different books, meet different people and say different words every day, then every day is novel and interesting.

Happiness and fun are around you, never far away, you can find it! 6 listen to other people’s stories, ride while listening to wechat reading “your so-called efforts are just a waste of life”, and listen to the stories written by author Li Shanglong about different friends around you.

Different friends and different stories.

In fact, what everyone experiences can be stories.

They need to feel them with their heart and write them down in words.

It turns out that listening to other people’s stories, listening and observing can get the material for writing books! Listening to other people’s stories is a kind of enjoyment.

In fact, I am also the protagonist of the story.

I find and feel it with my heart.


Enjoyment of riding: today’s riding, as a way of exercise and complete relaxation, has become a great fun.

It’s especially great to increase your own fun.

As mentioned in the Book Cognitive awakening, if you do something else, you won’t feel tired or boring.

If you don’t take cycling as exercise and relaxation, you won’t feel fun.

You will think how boring and tired cycling is.

Learn to translate this model into other things, such as practicing writing, which can be transformed into a description of a better life, or reading as a way to make money.

Work to make money is to be happy.

Why not work happily and then make money happily? 8 the old man who blows a trumpet in the shade of the roadside tree can deliberately walk on the edge of the shade of the road because he is riding and has the sun.

When I heard a burst of music, I came closer to see an old man blowing a trumpet against the music score (I don’t know what instrument it is).

It can be seen that the old man is very involved in playing and is instantly moved.

Look at the old man, he is also enjoying life! Give yourself happiness, isn’t this a beautiful picture? Life is your own, and no one can replace you.

Living happily in your own way is the greatest success.

9 looking for other people’s stories in the streets and alleys.

When I ride past the old man who blows the trumpet, I think there must be a story behind the old man.

Then I shuttle through the streets and alleys, and I can find other people’s stories and write them down.

Isn’t this a particularly beautiful thing? Everyone has his own story, to find, to observe, to listen, to find other people’s stories, and then he can write his own story..