Riding encountered “open the door to kill”, and innocent sisters were injured

Have you ever had such an experience? Riding normally on the road, a car parked on the roadside in front suddenly opened the door, and you didn’t have time to dodge the “bang” and crashed into it.

This situation is commonly known as “open the door to kill”.

Parking, opening the door and getting off the car seem to be simple actions, but a little carelessness may cause a traffic accident.

At about 14:20 on July 17, Chen, who was driving a small car, stopped at the roadside on the road opposite Ningxi station in Huangyan.

But before getting off, he didn’t pay attention to the road conditions and directly opened the door.

The suddenly opened door immediately collided with Ms.

Zhang, who rode an electric motorcycle to take her sister to do nucleic acid.

After the electric motorcycle driven by the Zhang sisters lost its balance, it careened into the opposite lane and fell to the ground.

Fortunately, the small bus coming in the opposite lane stopped in time, otherwise it was very likely to cause a second accident, and the consequences would be unimaginable.

Both of them were wearing safety helmets and were only slightly injured.

There is no omen for small actions and big injuries, and there is no precaution.

Fortunately, there is no secondary accident in this case, causing more serious consequences.

But to the disappointment of Shu, there are still people who don’t know how to open the door correctly!! Drivers and passengers, please pay attention to parking and opening the door.

Be careful to ensure safety.

The most important action is to reduce the danger.

Develop good parking habits.

The parking place should not affect the passage of other vehicles and pedestrians.

When parking, it should be 20-30 cm away from the roadside.

It is forbidden to park vehicles in the driveway.

Observe the traffic coming from behind from the rearview mirror.

The driver should open the door from the left.

He can first observe the road conditions from the rearview mirror and slowly open the door.

Never push it open.

When he finds the situation, he should close the door immediately.

The rear passengers should pay attention to the situation outside the vehicle when getting off.

The driver should remind the passengers in advance, especially the rear passengers, to see the pedestrians and vehicles passing in front of and behind the vehicle, and then open the door and get off after confirming safety.

Besides the driver, passengers should try to get off from the right side.

No matter the driver or the passenger, remember to collect the “Dutch door opening” method.

Open the door with the hand far away from the door, that is, open the door with the right hand on the left and the left hand on the right.

When the driver changes to the hand far away from the door, that is, the right hand opens the door, his upper body will naturally rotate, and his head and shoulders can’t help looking out, so he can timely observe the coming vehicle behind.

Under the premise of ensuring the safety around the car, the driver and passenger should first open a small crack when opening the door, then turn around and observe the situation behind, and then push the door after confirming the safety.

The slightly opened door has the function of active warning, which is exactly the advantage over the “Dutch door opening”.

Be sure before opening the door! certain! certain! Observe the situation outside the vehicle first to ensure safety before opening the door and getting off.

Other traffic participants should pay attention to maintaining traffic safety.

Everyone is responsible for walking and riding.

When passing a vehicle, slow down.

When passing a vehicle parked on the roadside, slow down, especially the vehicle that has just stopped and the vehicle with double flashing lights, pay attention to prevent the door from suddenly opening.

Pedestrians and cyclists who take non motorized lanes should take non motorized lanes.

If there is no non motorized lane, they should pass on the right side of the road.

Riders must pay attention to wearing safety helmets and buckle up.

Keep a lateral distance from the vehicle.

The door opening width of most cars is 80-100 cm, so the safety can be ensured only when the distance from the car is more than 1 meter.

Pedestrians and cyclists should pay attention to maintaining a lateral distance from the vehicle.

Opening and closing the door is not just a pull and push.

For the safety of yourself and others, please be alert to “open the door and kill”.

Correspondent: Xin Jiang Supervisor: yaoyongzhong review: Yang Dongdong Zhang Yu editor: Yang Bin Xu Chenxi email: tzjjfb@sina.cn 。.