Riders’ Prose: New Year’s Day

The first ray of dawn of the new year broke away from the shackles of the morning fog.

And come to us with a smile.

Years are like a cup of old wine with good taste.

Time fell through my eyes, clear and transparent.

Years penetrate the misty rain in the world and make up for the vicissitudes of life.

Pen down the wind and rain, life fleeting.

I stood on the way of time, looking at the horizon in the distance, and saw the dawn rising slowly in parting the old and welcoming the new! No matter how time goes by, the pace of life is always moving forward.

The calendar is always torn off one after another in helplessness, and the traces of years are always swallowed up by the ruthless winds and waves of life.

No matter how the waves of time wash, they still shine.

Standing at the intersection of saying goodbye to the old and welcoming the new, it is inevitable to look back and have a look at the road.

Looking back on the past year, winners make their mood beautiful and happy in joy.

Looking forward to the new year, I have more confidence in the future.

On the first day of the new year, Wu Feihong came again, with deep feelings and balanced hopes.

It is another sweet new year’s day.

How much wind, frost, rain and snow have you experienced, dancing alone with your silky thoughts.

Gorgeous colors are engraved in the deepest heart, and there are ripples in my heart.

Time is like a falling moment, which erases the faint traces and leaves a fragrance around the heart.

It has become the sweetest souvenir in my memory, followed by deep thoughts.

The cold wind raged across the sky, clear and warm.

I stand in the shadow of the sun and feel the breath of spring.

Old age meets new years, and spring brings better flowers and branches.

I seem to smell the refreshing fragrance of flowers.

The new year is about to begin.

The past is like dust, and the pen falls on the feelings.

It is an indelible memory engraved in time with the pen of life.

We use one’s travel and feelings to witness the honing and growth of life in the years.

Lost or brilliant, we have gone through year after year with persistent spirit.

When the day of leaving the old and welcoming the new comes, we still paint the ups and downs of life with the pen of life.

Time is printed with beauty, turning for years.

New year’s day came to us in the sound of blessing and walked into the rich heart.

It moves forward in the fleeting years, into another year of leaving the old and welcoming the new, and into the colorful heart.

Suddenly looking back, the bright spots bred in the past life have also been brilliant for a while.

Family affection, friendship and nostalgia once made people sigh.

It has also been moving and grateful.

Their shots are taken one by one, and their stories are telling.

New year’s Day sweeps away the haze, brings new weather and shapes a new atmosphere.

With the arrival of new year’s day, life moves towards the beginning of a new year.

Fill in the first stroke of the new year with a new attitude and a new mood.

Because I am gradually mature, read the vicissitudes of life, but calm my state of mind.

Experienced ups and downs, but rich details.

Infected with secular, but indifferent to flashiness.

Experienced the wind and frost, but enriched the experience.

Old people lose their looks, but they store their wisdom.

Learn to pay will be rewarded, learn to strive will have opportunities, learn to strive will have success, learn to cherish will have fate, learn to experience will be moved, learn to look down will be leisurely, learn to be simple will be happy, learn to give will have lingering fragrance, learn to be grateful will be happy.

With a plain state of mind to live, everything will suddenly open up.

Let’s live happily in this new year! About the author: net name cyclist, from Jingdezhen, Jiangxi Province.

Like cycling, outdoor hiking and mountaineering.

He is fond of photography and travels all over the country and more than ten Eurasian countries.

Love literature, love to write travel notes, essays, poems, etc.

more than 100 articles have been published in newspapers and magazines, and occasionally won small awards-.