Ride in Ta’er Bay and look for “teacher”

Riding is a pleasure.

It’s also a happy thing to ride through Ta’er Bay and find a teacher.

Nowadays, the function of bicycle has been greatly weakened from the past, and people have more choices to travel.

No matter how much bike sharing hypes the concept of green environmental protection, it can only be used as an end of the traffic supplement.

Now cyclists, to be exact, mountain bikers, run for exercise.

Or more precisely, they are all running to find happiness.

This weekend, the Suizhou outdoor tigers team will ride in a regular team.

In the morning, 52 teammates have gathered in Sanqiao Dam Square beside Baiyun Lake.

This is the preliminary statistics of team leader “huhushengwei” Liu Yunxi, and some teammates joined halfway.

Because at noon, the restaurant should be informed in advance according to the number of people to arrange lunch.

Why do cyclists love outdoor sports so much? Why do you have a special preference for riding market? There is a saying: exercise, good mood, taste delicious food, spend less money, watch the scenery without tickets, make friends and be lively.

Why not come when there is such a good thing? This is why more and more members of the tiger team have taken part in cycling in recent years.

Riding is really a happy thing.

Take today’s ride as an example.

The ride route is Sanqiao dam → Xihe → Jintun → Weigang → xianjuemiao reservoir → WanDian → tawan (Ruyi restaurant lunch) → urban area, with a total distance of about 60 kilometers.

After reading the map, you will know that the riding route is very winding.

Why? Look at the scenery, avoid the main road, ride in the beautiful countryside and enjoy the autumn scenery in the mountains, rivers and fields.

Xihe and WanDian are two towns, and xianjuemiao reservoir is a scenic spot.

There is also a water carrying village on the way.

When riding this route in June this year, it coincides with hundreds of acres of lotus flowers in full bloom in the agricultural park of water carrying village.

The lotus in the pond is “straight in the middle and straight outside, not creeping, the fragrance is far and clear, and the pavilions are net planted……” Flowers set off beautiful women, and beautiful people are more beautiful.

Although it is late autumn, the artistic conception of “lotus has no rain cover, chrysanthemum residue still has proud frost branches” is still fascinating.

Yesterday, Li Xiaoling, a talented girl in the group, posted the article “beauty article” about the tiger team riding in the water carrying village to enjoy the lotus in June.

I was still joking.

You stirred everyone’s heart and came out to ride.

I can’t sit down in the restaurant at noon to see what to do? This is a joke.

It receives more than 50 people.

Ruyi restaurant has no problem.

The lunch is really good.

A meal is 30 yuan and drinks are free to drink.

Riding friends are quite happy.

After lunch, Xiaoling sincerely invited us to visit her hometown, a group of eight, and then we went back to WanDian old street.

Today’s WanDian old street is deserted and depressed.

Although there are few doors, the long streets and rows of new houses and shops have silently witnessed the excitement of the past era.

There is also the xianjuemiao reservoir and the large water tank in Suizhou.

Although Baidu Encyclopedia introduced that xianjuemiao reservoir has only a few hundred words, “Suizhou xianjuemiao reservoir is located at the junction of the east of Zengdu district and Guangshui city.

The dam intercepts the East Branch of the drift water of the tributary of Fuhe River.

The reservoir mainly focuses on flood control, urban domestic water supply and irrigation, and has comprehensive functions such as power generation and fish culture…” However, teacher Wan Shenzhu, the “mainstay” of riding friends in his hometown, told us that there was such a legend in the previous life of xianjue temple.

Teacher Wan said that the xianjue temple, in Weigang, was originally called “XIANJIAO Temple”.

It is said that one day in ancient times, an immortal led two golden horses through here.

Seeing the blue sky and white clouds and the clear river, he suddenly felt his heart and eyes were sharp and refreshing.

He stopped here.

When the two Golden Horses saw that their masters were reluctant to return, they ate grass on the mountain leisurely, full and thirsty.

The immortal took the golden horse and left happily.

As this mountain has been trampled by immortals, it looks like the feet of immortals from the air.

Local people believe that this mountain has immortal and aura, so a temple has been built here.

There are strong incense in all dynasties.

Therefore, people call this temple “immortal foot Temple”.

During the Anti Japanese War, the Japanese invaders occupied this place and burned, killed, abused and robbed the “fairy foot Temple” in Weigang.

They committed all kinds of evil and destroyed the temple.

There are still two memorial sites for compatriots killed in Weigang.

One is the site of the xiaohejiawan tragedy, where there is a monument; One is the bamboo forest at the foot of Xianjiao mountain, commonly known as “dead man’s pit”.

During the cultural revolution, the rise of breaking the “four old” and establishing the “four new”, so the “XIANJIAO Temple” was changed to the “xianjue Temple”, taking the meaning of “advanced consciousness”.

Although the sound is the same, the meaning is different.

The riders almost made a half circle along the embankment of the xianjuemiao reservoir with a story.

In the withered knee less grass on the embankment, in the citrus orchard in the picking season on the bank, and on the rippling path along the distance of the library, the female riders posed for photos, and the male riders sang loudly.

Yes, everyone came out for a ride to find happiness.

There are also stories about tower bay.

Ta’erwan is a neighborhood committee, subordinate to WanDian Town, Zengdu District, Suizhou.

It is adjacent to a large market 10 kilometers northeast of Suizhou city.

This is where our tiger team has a rest for lunch today.

If you are a native of Suizhou, you must know such a popular local proverb slang, “the teacher of ta’erwan”.

For this sentence, I believe many people know it but don’t know why.

On the way of riding, I rode with several old friends, such as senior old riding friends “leisure family”, “Lao Ao”, “family minister youbei”, “ordinary people”, and chatted about the origin of the slang “teacher Fu in ta’erwan” all the way, which confirmed each other, and the statements were basically the same.

Don’t laugh until you start telling this story.

I’m serious.

Some time ago, when I went out for self driving, I saw that many places were collecting local folk cultural heritage, protecting it, and making it into tourism commodities.

Even the “Er Ren Zhuan” has also ascended the hall of elegance.

I think rural proverbs and slang should also be a part of regional folk culture.

Let’s get to the point..