Ride 4500m and find a different Shenzhen Bay

One day, on a whim, I decided to go to the mangroves in Shenzhen Bay alone for a happy ride.

Starting from west to East, it is 4500m long and roaming for 2 hours.

I found that this is not just a simple ride, but a “blind box trip”.

Finally, daxun would like to say: in this 15000m long mangrove coastal plank road in Shenzhen Bay, there are often more than these “blind box surprises” that can be found, as well as jugglers on the roadside, reed forests in Futian ecology, Verbena in Liuhua mountain, migratory birds returning at the end of the year, coastline of talent Park, torch tower of Universiade, egrets in mangrove ecological area Although the whole road is long, no matter how long and how far you ride, as long as you ride the bike, your “blind box journey” will begin.

Get ready to harvest the surprises and happiness on this road! So, does anyone ride with you? # today’s topic ## do you like to ride alone#&# Or ride happily with friends# Remember to come to the comment area and tell us duck! ° editor: Wei daxun / editor in chief: Euin ° picture: ric / Designer: Monster ° content: This article is originally released on the platform and is prohibited without authorization.