Pay attention to these when riding, otherwise it’s really dangerous

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Please take care of your personal safety when riding.

Don’t make fun of yourself or others’ lives.

Here are some daily dangerous riding behaviors.

1、 The three major dangerous behaviors have a high rate of downhill accidents at fast curves, a very high rate of major accidents and the highest degree of life.

The rate of chasing accidents is relatively high, the rate of major accidents is very high, and the degree of life-threatening is relatively high.

2 Common sense dangerous behavior drunk riding with minors to participate in multi person riding or mountain riding without car safety inspection before riding, and the clothes do not meet the riding requirements.


routine dangerous behavior group riding quickly through the streets of cities and villages, slapstick during walking, use mobile phones during walking, do inappropriate actions during walking, and pay too much attention or distract during walking.

IV Technical dangerous behavior height and car do not meet ergonomic requirements.

The height of the car seat is too high.

When parking, your feet can’t touch the ground (after leaving the car seat).

The front and rear loads of the car are too heavy.

Recognizing these dangerous behaviors, we should know how to avoid these dangerous winter activities.

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