[let me live a life of mindfulness and concentration] Lulu, a teammate of Zen riding

Caption: Meditation and riding, this is a contest and practice adventure with yourself.

Cycling is a healthy and natural way of sports, which can fully enjoy the beauty of the travel process.

Especially when riding in Shennongjia, just like in the picture, a bicycle and a water cup are light loaded.

It seems simple but it is also a practice to hone your mind! On June 30, 19, I started my first ride in my life.

I would like to thank elder martial brother Zhiyuan for providing you with a platform! The first ride was really curious and expected.

At the same time, I was a little worried.

I didn’t ride a bike for a long time because I didn’t exercise much at ordinary times.

The night before riding, elder martial brother Zhiyuan announced the precautions for riding.

Elder martial brother xuanting patiently taught me how to change the gear of the bicycle, what kind of road is suitable for what kind of gear, which is of great help to me who is riding a variable speed car for the first time.

When I got up early the next day, I chose a car and tried it for two laps.

I just practiced gear change.

I felt it was really challenging to go uphill.

I was nervous, but I was more looking forward to riding with you.

After breakfast, everyone began to set out at 7:30.

The beautiful sister Jihong walked with me.

I asked her for scriptures and rode.

Sister Jihong said to focus on the position within one or two meters in front of me, cooperate with breathing, Buddha’s horn, focus on your feet and find a way suitable for yourself.

No matter how steep the slope is, I’ll ride it this way.

I can’t concentrate on breathing for the time being.

I try to read the Buddha’s name.

Every time I pedal, I silently read a word in my heart.

I’ve been riding like this.

I feel very cool.

Slowly, I found that I enjoyed it.

This is what elder martial brother Zhiyuan said.

There is no pain, only joy.

Unconsciously, he rode over one slope after another.

At this time, senior brother Zhiyuan asked him to stop and have a rest.

He always praised us for our strength.

He was so happy and warm in his heart.

Then elder martial brother Zhiyuan and fairy Zichun taught you how to relax your body, such as patting your whole body, shaking and reciting each other.

Below is a picture of patting your whole body with everyone.

Everyone is very focused.

After relaxing, elder martial brother asked everyone to put on their clothes.

Then it’s going downhill.

It’s cooler! When we are ready, we set out.

The downhill is a test of the use of brakes.

At the beginning, it is not too bold to go downhill.

The more we ride, the more flexible we are in gear switching and the use of brakes.

The more we ride, the happier we are.

We hum songs and shuttle through the painting.

We really enjoy it.

We really want to embrace nature with open arms and let it know my love for it.

Then it went uphill again.

At the beginning, I was not used to it.

From a particularly comfortable and relaxed state, I suddenly felt like a turtle crawling, and there was a big gap in my heart.

I advised myself to be peaceful in my heart.

When I first started to go uphill, I forgot the comfort of going downhill, emptied my heart and kicked a word of Buddha’s name.

Gradually, I accepted this state in my heart, began to enjoy it and felt happy for my breakthrough.

Such ups and downs are very much like our life.

It will not always be good times, but adversity can temper our mind.

After the ride, elder martial brother Zhiyuan shared his questions about uphill and downhill.

He prefers uphill, but downhill feels too long.

It’s the same thing when you think about it.

You only need to focus on a distance of one or two meters uphill.

You have to look longer downhill.

I really think the road will be long.

Then it went downhill again, and everyone was very relaxed.

Before going downhill, because I didn’t let the sweat dry, my knees felt cool, but it didn’t affect my mood at all.

I still moved forward happily.

I arrived at Songbai at more than 4 p.m.

Everyone put the car away and went to have a rest.

They all said that it hurts here and there.

I also began to worry about whether we can stick to it on the return trip tomorrow…

After we freshen up, we went to have a rich dinner and drank local rice wine.

After dinner, we took a walk and went back to have a rest.

We really felt special happiness.

It was really the feeling of our family.

It was very warm! The next day was the return trip.

Pine and cypress went to Muyu.

They gathered at 6:30 a.m.

for breakfast and set off after breakfast.

My ass and knee finally hurt, but I have a goal in my heart.

I insist on riding the whole journey.

After riding for a while, my breathing began to be a little short.

I know this state is not very good.

Elder martial brother xuanting, who is just warm-hearted, helped you adjust your seats.

I said I didn’t feel very well.

Elder martial brother xuanting said you should learn to communicate with your body.

I don’t quite understand the truth of this.

Go on and come down when you are tired.

I don’t think I can go on like this.

I try to care about my body, observe the changes of each part, and think about it.

It’s the first time in these years to care about my body like this.

I looked at its pain and discomfort, and slowly really talked to my body.

Thank my body for accompanying me for so many years, for letting me experience the feeling of riding, and for helping me all the time.

Slowly, I found that my state was really changing a little bit, with more power than just now.

In this way, I gradually understood that this was to communicate with my body.

When I found it tired, I came down to have a rest.

No matter whether others exceeded me or not, because everyone’s state is different, which is something I can’t be brave.

I focused on my feet within the range of my body can bear.

I was particularly happy to understand elder martial brother xuanting’s words.

Today’s exercise is more about endurance and toughness.

This is what sister Jihong shared.

I would like to thank her for her company and care along the way! When I feel that my body needs to relax, I will stop, drink some water, pat my body, enjoy the beautiful scenery and take a picture! Simple relaxation is to move forward better! I arrived at Muyu town at more than six in the evening and completed a two-day ride.

I’m really happy and admire myself.

How can I be so powerful..