It’s another weekend to enjoy peach blossoms on Xiangtou Mountain on Sunday!

Appreciating flowers is the main melody of spring.

Warm March spring, in addition to kapok red, azalea red, there is also a kind of red, called peach blossom red.

The spring breeze is slightly drunk, and the peach blossoms in Xiangtoushan Yingzui peach garden in Taimei town are in full bloom every year.

This year, the peach blossoms are also blooming as promised, awakening the drunken season in the world with the posture of “the premature of peach and its brilliance”.

What are you waiting for? This Sunday, my friends made an appointment to enjoy peach blossoms in Xiangtou Mountain! 1 activity time: March 13, 2022 (Sunday) 2 activity location: Xiangtoushan Yingzui Taoyuan, Taimei town 3 activity leader: 13923620079, 10 ~ 20 people, Activities with less than 10 people will be cancelled.

4 activities will cost AA system.

5 activity routes Jiangbei TV station ~ Ruhu ~ Daliang village road ~ Jinlong Avenue ~ Xiaoluo road ~ Xizhijiang Taimei ~ leigongxia drifting ~ Xiangtoushan farm (flower appreciation) return ~ Taimei ~ still Thai road ~ Butterfly Valley ~ Daliang village ~ urban dissolution and return home.

6 activities will ensure that baomu car will accompany you, Fee AA system (depending on the application, it needs to be determined) 7 round-trip mileage is about 108km8 gathering place Jiangbei TV station 9 departure time: gather at 7:00 a.m.

on March 13, 2022, and leave on time at 7:30 a.m.

(1) Cheyou should pay attention to the activity notice before departure, understand the general route, destination and contact information of the team leader, and maintain their own equipment and bicycles, Only after confirming that the helmet vehicle is qualified can they participate in the activity.

(2) Arrive at the assembly place on time.

In case of emergency, inform the team leader in time.

The team leader can specify the punishment methods for late arrival, temporary withdrawal from the activity and other behaviors in the activity notice.

For team members who are more than 10 minutes late, they can be regarded as temporarily withdrawing from the activity and will not wait.

(3) Obey traffic regulations.

It is forbidden to run red lights, go retrograde, pick up cars, overtake moving motor vehicles and chase on fast lanes and sidewalks.

When going downhill, control the speed and prohibit overtaking.

(4) If you leave the team during the activity, please report to the leader or receiver and get approval.

If you leave the team while the team is riding, you should put the car in a prominent place beside the road to avoid the team missing.

(5) During riding, you should ride in line, and the front and rear members should keep a certain safe distance.

You should not exceed the leader without the permission of the leader.

Do not ride with unfamiliar teammates.

(6) When riding, use gestures to convey obstacles or turns to the teammates behind you.

In case of emergencies (or dark), you can use sound to remind the riders behind you to slow down slowly.

Do not make emergency braking, jumping, shaking and other operations.

(7) When riding the night road, you must keep your formation.

All team members turn on the headlights and tail lights, and the leader is responsible for controlling the safe speed.

No one is allowed to surpass the leader.

Don’t jump in the queue and interfere with the riding direction of the rear team members.

(8) It is strictly forbidden to answer the phone during cycling.

If you must answer, please pull over and answer the phone by yourself.

Do not answer the phone during cycling.

(9) If you encounter a long downhill during riding, the distance between each vehicle should be more than 7 meters, and you should brake with both hands at the same time to control the speed.

(10) At each rest station of the cycling team, the leader shall ask the number of people to ensure safety.

Good health, hardworking, safety awareness and teamwork spirit.

(11) It is suggested to wear the cycling clothes of the club and unify the team image.

(12) photos and videos in the event may appear in official account and circle of friends.

If you do not want to show your baby, please contact the tour leader.

(13) Observe the schedule of the event.

If you have any questions, please contact the team leader immediately: Fage 13923620079.

(14) The final interpretation right of this event belongs to the organizer.

If there is any change, it will be notified separately.

Disclaimer 1.

In view of the uncontrollability of outdoor sports, we only arrange the activities and are not responsible for any accidents during the activities.

Please correctly evaluate the risks of the activities at your own risk.


All registered participants are deemed to have full capacity for civil conduct.

In case of personal damage in the event, the administrator of this website and the event organizer will not be liable for compensation.

The injured person shall solve it according to the law and this statement.

All registered participants are deemed to have accepted this statement.


For those who sign up on behalf of others and those who are signed up on behalf of others, if they suffer personal damage, the manager of this website and the event organizer will not be liable for compensation.

Warm tips 1.

Please bring your own mask (necessary, required in restaurants), sunscreen, etc.


Please don’t drink alcohol the day before the activity, go to bed early and get up early to keep good condition and participate in the activity.


Leave on time at 7:30 a.m.

and don’t wait when it’s out of date.

Please develop the good habit of punctuality.


Participants must wear safety helmets, abide by traffic rules and obey organizational arrangements.


During the epidemic period, yuekang code is yellow, those with red code are strictly prohibited, and personnel in medium and high-risk areas are not allowed to participate.


According to the 20-year new regulations, riders who sign up for the event and do not buy accident insurance must hand in their personal data at noon before the event day to buy accident insurance during the event, which is 10 yuan per person per day.

Riders who do not buy accident insurance are strictly prohibited from participating.


Riders along the way should take care of each other.

Photo registration method of previous activities offline physical store registration; MeiLiDa bicycle Huizhou flagship store address: No.

29, Xihu Liyuan, Madi Road, Huicheng District, Huizhou City (MeiLiDa bicycle store) Tel: 0752-2126663 (working hours during the epidemic 10:00-21:00) 13923620079; Fage activity consultation Fage: 13923620079 (wechat same number)..