It specializes in belly and thick legs! The huge and thin riding pants, with the waist closed and hips raised, are eye-catching for anyone

It’s enough to struggle with “what to wear tomorrow” every day.

As a result, in the hot summer, we have another question: is it hot to wear what looks good? After all, this 38 ℃, like a steamer emitting hot devil weather, wearing pants can overflow sweat, embarrassing, not to mention acne! In that case, wear shorts, which are cooler than trousers and more convenient than skirts! It’s just another thing to be able to wear style.

Like me, two elephant legs are really strong! Taken together, it’s still this length 👇 It can be found from the show in the past two years that the riding pants have never stopped when the wind blows.

Almost every brand will show a piece like da Mimi, Zhao Ruth, zu’er and Ouyang Nana.

They all love to wear it.

They show two slender legs, which are tall and thin, and the girlish feeling on the screen is particularly young.

The reason why it is so popular is that in addition to being versatile and easy to wear, it also solves the fatal pain of most girls in summer – fat! Wearing it, the belly will disappear immediately, and you can wear a good figure without exercise! (vision is at least 10 jin thin) but it’s really hard to find those that are thin and have good quality and ensure that the fabric is not stuffy.

More than 20 of our products will be eliminated! After the personal test, I found that most riding pants on the market are chicken ribs: × It’s not elastic.

It’s uncomfortable to tighten your waist and legs × No effect, wearing it is the same as not wearing it × The fabric is thick and stuffy, and the hook wire is easy to pilling × The trouser legs are rolled off the gear, and it’s indecent to walk while walking…

Either don’t push it, or push it.

The best one won’t let everyone spend money wrongly, so this product has been looking for more than half a month, and they all want to give up.

Fortunately, it was finally saved by danmo.

The combination of nude experience + cool feeling + ventilation + bottoming and anti light loss + hip lifting + abdomen retraction is practical enough, and the design for women’s needs is also intimate enough.

It can be said to be the smallest “perfect” one among so many items we tested! It’s the only thing that makes me sigh: “it’s just a stream in my riding pants!” This fabric feels so soft, cool and slippery just by holding it in your hand ~ it looks like a cold skin! Even for a moment, like the ice drink sample just taken out of the refrigerator, it was rushed by colleagues to apply it to their hands to cool off in the office* The arm is 36.5 ℃, and the riding pants are 28.9 ℃.

Compared with the riding pants on the market, it is 92g lighter: in addition to being just insensible, the upper body also allows you to gain a good figure without exercise! To be honest, at the beginning, I didn’t believe that a thin pair of pants could make the waist and legs thinner and the hips cocky.

But there is a seam in the middle of the thigh! The vision really has a thin effect: when you put on pants and a hip wrap skirt, it is more obvious to look at the abdomen, and even the hip line is increased by a few centimeters! There is one as “fashionable” “It’s not difficult at all.

T-shirts, shirts, suspenders, suits, cowboys…

How to come at will, and how to match them will not make mistakes.

Put two in the wardrobe, and don’t worry about what to wear when you go out! The day before yesterday, I wore it to climb the mountain at the weekend.

I climbed the mountain at the end of 38 ℃, and I didn’t feel stuffy after walking for a day.

I can feel the lower body being gently stroked by the natural wind several times ~ ~ this depends on the ice silk material it selects for summer! Wear it cool, swish, better than How cool is the low temperature of ordinary denim and cotton? How cool is it? It’s easy to know by comparing with ordinary models.

At the same room temperature, the temperature difference between the two is 5.5 ℃.

In summer, this temperature difference can be said to be stuffy three layers of cotton pants vs swimming pool is not exaggerated! And it won’t get hotter! Because the thickness is in mm, when you open it, it is full of countless dense small pores, like exhaust fans, which convey coolness to every fine pore on the body.

But it’s thin and impenetrable, and it’s not afraid of being exposed.

Put your pants under the steam, and you can see with the naked eye that there is no one here to breathe! With the above points alone, you can grab the job of safety pants! It won’t sweat in the crotch and breed thin Jun.

it’s cool and safe to match with a small skirt you like.

It can help you wear abdominal pants with the same effect.

Thanks to the micro compression slimming + double-layer high waist design with a width of 10cm, it can transfer the fat on your waist, shrink the fat and tighten your waist.

I personally tested it: I could have pulled out a large lump of belly meat, and put it on.

My belly is basically flat.

I can see a lot of difference with the naked eye alone.

Take a measure with the size, which is really 6cm smaller ▼ the elasticity is super large, which abandons the problem of traditional abdominal pants oppressing the heart and making me feel uncomfortable, and gives me a healthy and comfortable body shaping.

The key is that small people can also be easily controlled.

The length of the tight five point design above the knee is really high and the legs are not a little longer than the loose one! It will not only make you a “human waist Fairy”, but also give you a naturally upturned peach hip.

My colleagues also said frankly that they regained their confidence by relying on it: “sitting at work for 7 hours, their hips drooped badly.

Now this one is very uptight as soon as you wear it.

What tights and Hip Wrap skirts are handy!” Not only did we admire it, but we specially turned over the comments, and the feedback was good: ✅ Deformed postpartum mother ✅ Girls with fat thighs who want to make their bodies more curvy and long legs ✅ Sedentary office workers with small bellies and flat and sagging bottoms, this opportunity for introverted peers to attract envious eyes, please don’t let it go! The weaving method used for each seam is different, and the purpose is to be firm, not easy to take off the thread, and durable.

Therefore, the processing and production of the whole piece takes twice as much time as the traditional riding pants.

Bought a small partner said no worse than 70, 80! And it is not easy to hook and pilling with a steel wire ball brush: it has been fixed, and the color will not fade after washing: there are two colors in total, which are easy to build and effortless.

Fitness, yoga kit, bra, sling, the whole exercise process is fresh and 0 bound, and the exercise effect is doubled! Shopping, commuting wear a loose T-shirt, shirt, relaxed casual look, shy Gu Liang is not worried about embarrassment..