[independent cycling camp] on the 2nd Sunday of new year’s day, the first challenge for children was started

“In the process of a child’s growth, we must let him (her) do some proud things, because this is the biggest source of strength in his (her) future experience.”———— The designer of Froebel (f.w.a.

1782-1852) said: are you worried about your child’s future? We always hope that our children will be brave, tough, not afraid of hardship and not give up easily.

However, more often we see more of his vulnerability, even cowardice.

We are anxious about his future.

How will he compete with his peers and gain a foothold in his era? This anxiety always reminds us that we should let him go into groups, into nature, get more exposure to nature, climb mountains, hike, ride, see mountains and rivers…

Do everything that can shape his character.

This time, we start with riding.

18 kilometers is just a small challenge in the process of his growth.

The purpose of cycling is to ride on the road all the time.

As a healthy and environmental protection way of sports, it can fully enjoy the beauty of the journey and exercise children’s perseverance and hard-working outdoor spirit.

In the fresh air and plenty of sunshine, experience challenges together in difficulties and success at the end of the journey.

After riding this section of the road, the child’s riding level has been effectively exercised, crossing steep slopes, slowly accelerating, relaxing, chasing within a safe range, feeling the sound of the wind blowing in his ears, truly experiencing the charm of riding, and his mind has been released.

01 riding together is a journey with profound changes in communication skills.

This is an extraordinary common experience that will be permanently stored in memory.

We will face challenges and accidents together.

The long journey has enough time to exchange views on what we have seen and heard and expand topics.

We can have a lot to say.

In the face of countless events, your child will gain a friendship 02 in life, There are always some bottlenecks.

When you go to a park 10 kilometers away, you rarely walk or ride a bike, because usually if we always take a car, then riding 10 kilometers is a long distance and tired for me.

Then you may only be tired when you ride 30 kilometers, But it’s definitely not three times.

It’s an amazing secret.

It breaks our conventional thinking mode.

Only after you experience it yourself will you find that it’s no big deal.

Everyone can cope with it and it’s not painful.

It’s an interesting coping ride, which expands children’s comfort circle and makes them more able to cope with 03 riding, It’s a good time for self-education.

In the process of long-distance riding, you will inevitably encounter many unexpected problems, such as road interruption, sudden change of weather, arrangement of riding route, forgetting to bring anything, preparation for road supply, etc.

It’s not easy for you to think comprehensively.

We hope children can think and face these problems together when they show up, The process of finding solutions is learning and growth with practical significance in life.

Growth without small things is precisely because of the continuous thinking and exploration of small things, so as to deeply understand the operation law of everything and transform it into inherent wisdom.

Only in this way can we build a real ability to calmly deal with unknown challenges.

Isn’t this the growth we dream of? A wind chaser Yangcheng Lake Peninsula has a bicycle lane along the lake, which is very suitable for cycling and hiking.

If you want to walk around for about 18 kilometers, it is more suitable for you to walk while watching.

There are beautiful scenery along the way, which makes you linger and forget to return.

There are several bicycle lane entrances in Yangcheng Lake Peninsula, but no matter which entrance you enter from, you can walk around and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the whole Yangcheng Lake peninsula.

The bicycle lanes here in Yangcheng Lake Peninsula are very distinctive.

One section is built on the water surface, and the bicycle lane is adjacent to the lake on both sides.

It’s really a pleasant feeling for you to walk and ride on it, blow the lake wind and watch the lake scenery.

The air here is really good.

Close your eyes and blow the lake wind.

All your troubles will disappear and your mood will be good in an instant—— The route around the lake is excerpted from the “most beautiful riding lane” on the official website of Suzhou Yangcheng Lake tourist resort.

The road is surrounded by clear lake water, and the lane is close to the lake.

It is an illusion of riding on the lake.

Some classic sections around the lake are selected for about 18km.

Equipped with professional riding vehicles and protective helmets, you can rest assured to give your children to us for a professional bicycle education process, There are plenty of water replenishment points to rest, interesting ice breaking games to end, serious sharing and exchange, and finally, incentive certificates of honor.

This is the riding gift we have prepared for the children.

The itinerary is arranged at 10:00.

According to the notice in the group, gather at the designated place from 10:00 to 10:30.

Bicycle knowledge education and equipment collection.

Attention, parents, please go to the gathering point on time, In order not to delay most children’s travel, please be sure to arrive on time.

After the child is handed over to the staff and signed, please evacuate the site in time to avoid traffic congestion.

In addition, the children who arrive first will be led by on-site teachers into familiar game links, so that the children can integrate into the team as soon as possible and take the first step.

20 minutes after 10:30 – 10:50 test ride and cycling test, adjust the height and stall of the bike, so that the children can ride in the most comfortable state.

10: 50-12:30; cycling around the island 12:30-13:30; lunch, shooting, games, etc.

Please prepare lunch bags in advance.

In order to prevent children from competing with each other, the organizer requires that each child’s lunch bag must be simple and light..